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FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings- SUSS Assessment Sample

In the fast-growing economy and urbanization of the world, the issues of the surge in energy consumption by the building sectors are also on an upswing. The sector consumes a large amount of electrical energy to meet the evolving needs of space heating, lighting and cooling. All this crisis needs a solution by performing energy management and audit & integrating some software applications in events and facilities management in order to enhance the energy efficiency of the building sector and reduce the financial and carbon cost. To make the student aware of the issues and educate them with the evolving technologies, Singapore University of Social Sciences offers a course namely FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings.

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Aim of FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings

FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings course focuses on educating the students with fundamental knowledge of high energy consumption by building sectors and techniques to reduce the same while improving the energy efficiency and lowering the expenses.

The FMT405 SUSS course emphasizes on practical aspects of the principal building energy system and also focuses on making the undergraduates efficient enough to appraise and recommend appropriate innovative energy optimization strategies so as to achieve optimal operating performance and cost.

Simply put, the main objectives of FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings are as follows: –

  • To give an idea of different energy-consuming building systems (mechanical & electrical)
  • Introduce the students with energy efficiency in buildings, its concepts and benefits.
  • To present an overview of the approaches that can be used to determine the energy efficiency of buildings.
  • Introduce various opportunities and measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings while maintaining comfort levels.
  • To discuss different mechanisms to financially support the energy efficiency measures in buildings

What is Energy Efficiency of a Buildings?

The energy efficiency of a building is defined as the extent of energy consumption by a building per square metre of the floor area which agrees with the fixed energy consumption benchmarks for that specified type of buildings under specific climate conditions.

Building energy consumption benchmarks are the iconic values for the regular building types by which the building’s actual performance is measured in term of that benchmark values.

Structure of FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings Course

The FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings course consists of several topics relevant to energy consumption, determining techniques, the importance of energy efficiency in buildings and its optimizing techniques, tools, and software applications as well. This course teaches the students how to apply optimization approaches in the existing or to be built buildings meeting the green building assessment standards to result in low cost and an understanding of how to improve energy efficiency in buildings.

The SUSS FMT405 course also gives an idea of the electrical and mechanical systems of the buildings which play a vital role in energy consumption. They will also understand the importance of Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management how it helps in enhancing the design, construction project efficiency. These all designs and constructions-built take care of facilities as well as managing energy efficiency.

These are some core major topics of the FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings course: –

  • Energy Consumption in Buildings
  • Active Mechanical Systems- Fans, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Heat Recovery Systems
  • Motors (e.g. Efficiency versus Loading, Effect of Power Factor, VSD, Economics of Efficient Motor)
  • Day-lighting
  • Lift and Escalator
  • Solar Powered Applications
  • Site Orientation
  • Passive Design Strategy
  • Building Envelope
  • Building Energy Modeling
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Building Management System

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Educational Outcomes of FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings Course

Singaporean students learn various topics and methodologies for improving the energy efficiency of buildings and learn the techniques to apply them appropriately.

The course also makes the students efficient enough to recommend different energy optimization strategies and tools.

Here are some of the terrific learning outcomes of the FMT405 Energy Efficiency in Buildings course: –

  • Review the operational aspects of the major building energy systems
  • Evaluate energy efficiency in buildings
  • Suggest energy optimization strategies for optimal operating performance and cost
  • Examine different major building energy systems in buildings
  • Propound building energy systems in buildings
  • Discuss energy-efficient building techniques
  • Encourage innovative energy-efficient building systems for buildings

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Q2. What are the advantages of Energy Efficient Buildings?

Ans. There are various benefits of Energy Efficient Buildings: –

  • Better thermal comfort
  • Lower emissions and overall environmental impact
  • Long-term energy and cost savings
  • Improved comfort and health
  • Higher Value

Q3. What are the energy-efficient building materials?

Ans. In order to build your building energy-efficient meeting the standard energy efficiency benchmarks, the materials employed in the building are called energy-efficient building materials.

These are some examples of most energy-efficient building materials: –

  • Recycled Steel
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Bamboo Plywood
  • Straw Bales
  • Cool Roof
  • Thermostat radiant barrier sheathing
  • Insulating concrete forms
  • Plant-based polyurethane foam etc.

Q4. What are the basic steps to improve energy efficiency in the building?

Ans. Basic steps for improving the energy efficiency of the buildings are as follows: –

  • Measure energy consumption
  • Pay attention to insulation
  • Select the right/ appropriate ventilation system
  • Buy certified equipment
  • Employ LED lights
  • Make up-gradation to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
  • Evaluate return on the investment

Q5. What is the formula for calculating energy efficiency?

Ans. Building efficiency= Percentage proportion of Building’s rentable area (Excluding area occupied by hallways, elevators, equipment, lobby and restrooms etc.)


Building Efficiency= (Rentable Area* 100) / Total Floor Area

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