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FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management- SUSS Assignment

FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management is a modular undergraduate course which is offered at one of the apex universities of Singapore i.e. Singapore University of Social Sciences. SUSS University offers many courses of different education departments with a variety of university assignments too.

Objective of SUSS FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management Course

The FMT403 course offered at SUSS University aims to apprise the Singaporean students of the use of IT in the events and facilities management industries. It focuses on teaching the students about the basic concepts of employment of IT in the facility and event management systems.

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FMT40 course will make the Singaporean undergraduates a confident and efficient event and facility manager with effective qualities of enhancing event and facilities management practices by utilizing software applications.

While learning the involvement of software and their applications in event and facilities management sector, the students also get to know about the involvement of some Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) and pre-class quizzes. In pursuance of the crucial significance of software in the facility management, the students also need to understand the importance of those FMT403 SUSS assignments as well.

Inside the FMT403 Course

The SUSS FMT403 course is full of terrific topics and great knowledge. It introduces the students with the basic principles and strategies of preparing pertinent database applications, statistical analysis, and application skills for space planning & facilities management.

This course also emphasizes one of the applications of IT as being an enabler for gathering, organising and managing information for taking appropriate decisions and making reports.

Also, this course focuses on the FMT403 SUSS assessments provided during the course with a specific time limit for submission. Although students learn the course with keen interest and full attention, they lack in doing the assignments on every topic. Doing a variety of assignments including literature review writing and different essay writing homework.

The FMT403 course also familiarizes the students to the best facility management software as in the most needed places: facilities management software for small business or facilities management software for schools. Besides, the FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management also trains the students with the use of BIM facility management software for improving the events and facilities management practices.

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FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management Course Topics

Facilities management software allows organizations to administer their whole maintenance and repair program through a web-based dashboard. The software for events and facilities management are so designed to help the businesses to save money and time both by adequately managing their buildings, spaces, & the occupants more effectively and efficiently. With all this crucial knowledge, the FMT403 course includes some major topics important for the students to learn.

The important topics of the SUSS FMT403 course are as follows: –

  • The usage of IT in Facilities Management
  • Use of IT in Events Management
  • Statistical Concepts and Statistical Analysis Functions
  • Concepts of Data Management and Tools to Process Data
  • IT for Decision Making, Presentation and Reports
  • Computer Systems
  • Networking Systems
  • File Management Techniques
  • Basic Web Application Architecture concepts like- File Server, Web Development, Application Server, Web Server, & Database Server
  • Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Space Planning and Building Operation Management using Facilities Management Software
  • Microsoft Office Access: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques

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Learning Upshots of FMT403 Software Applications in Events and Facilities Management Course

With great information and important topics within, the FMT403 trains the students very well. It prepares the students to work practically on the physical platform. The students also get familiar with facilities management software Gartner through this course.

Here are some of the learning outcomes of the SUSS FMT403 course: –

  • Demonstrate the IT knowledge and application skills in the event and facilities management industries
  • Assess different free venue management software applications used for facilities and events management
  • Solve distinct problems and issues relevant to events and facilities management employing different software applications
  • Recommend appropriate software for decision making and reports involving gathering, organizing and managing the information
  • Enhance the events and facilities management system by using the suitable IT application

Even though the Singaporean undergrads get fully trained in using the software applications in events and facilities management, but they lack marks in the result because they are not able to complete the FMT403 SUSS assessment samples on time.

The TMA and quizzes carry 30% weightage in the end course result thus, the students need to score well in them too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What if I don’t submit my TMA on time?

Ans. As said above, the TMA and quizzes carry 30% weightage of marks in the final result of the course, you will be marked absent for them and you will lose your 30% marks in your result.

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