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FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management

Building Modeling Information is becoming base support for the whole project life cycle: the phases of design and construction as well as facility management too. To make the Singaporean students aware of the new evolving concepts and technologies in the construction projects, the Singapore University of Social Sciences offers FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management course in its study curriculum.

Many students of Singapore who wishes to learn the courses in facility management, generally opt for the FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management course. There are also other courses available at SUSS University such as Strategic Asset, Property and Facilities Management (FMT306), Indoor Quality Management (FMT407), and Operation and Maintenance of Building Services (FMT302) and many more. Generally, students are more excited to learn about some new advancing techniques or new designs employing into a project. Thus, several Singaporean students go for SUSS FMT313 course.

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Objective of FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management course

The true intent of introducing the FMT313 course is to familiarize the students with the evolution in the construction projects and different tools and technologies it employs within. FMT313 SUSS course gives an overview of the BIM and how it plays a vital role in facility management.

This course enables the Singaporean undergrads to study and make use of BIM software & to display the best wisdom of BIM practices and techniques to enhance the facility management techniques like venue and space management.

Introduction to Facility Management

Facility management is professional management which works upon the coordination of the physical workplace with the folks & functioning of the organization. It embodies a variety of disciplines to uphold the safety, functionality, comfort and efficiency of the built environment by incorporating the process, people, place and technology.

In the context of professionalism, facility management is a multidisciplinary business function with an objective to harmonize demand and supply of facilities & services in the private as well as public organizations.

What is BIM and what it is used for?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process which is used to display the functional and physical characteristic of places digitally. It is supported by a variety of tools, technologies & contracts. It begins with creating an intelligent 3D model and enables management of documents, coordination & simulation throughout the project lifecycle: plan, design, construction, operation and maintenance.

Building Information Modeling is used for designing and documentation of building and infrastructure designs. All the details of a building are prototyped in BIM. The model prepared in the BIM can be used to analyse and seek new design options. This is also helpful in creating visualizations which in turn assists the stakeholders to understand how the building will resemble before it is built. Later the BIM model is used in generating the design and documentation for construction.

Course Structure of FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management

The FMT313 SUSS course contains various sets of topics to educate the students about the new technologies being employed in the construction field. The course teaches the students the use of Building Information Modeling tools and software and prepares designs and documents for a building. FMT313 course trains the students to formulate the visual designs for an effective building meeting with the BIM standards while improving the facility management practices.

Here are some topics which are included in the FMT313 SUSS course: –

  • Construction IT
  • Virtual design and construction
  • IT in facilities management such as FCC and BAS
  • Basics in Building Information Modeling
  • Benefits of BIM
  • Study and Navigation
  • Rendering and modelling
  • Integration and 4D BIM
  • BIM for the facilities manager
  • Regulatory submission procedures
  • Best practices
  • The future of BIM

In order to become an efficient facility manager, the students learn the above topics with keen and interest and concentration, but they forget to do one thing which is also equally important to pass this course with good marks i.e. FMT313 SUSS assignments.

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The course consists of 3 pre-class quizzes and 2 TMAs (Tutor Marked Assignments) which carry 30% weightage in the end-result of FMT313 course. These assignments are indeed provided for the betterment of the students but somehow, they become a burden for them. After a long day with lectures and practices, the students are not able to collect enough of the efforts to solve the BIM facility management case study assignments and seek for help with assignments.

Educational Outcomes of SUSS FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management Course

FMT313  course educates the Singaporean students in a very well mannered and make them efficient in using the BIM facility management software. The students become capable enough to participate in the practices of BIM in operations and maintenance. They get to learn a lot from this course and able to perform the effective practices too.

Some of the learning outcomes of the SUSS FMT313 course are as follows: –

  • Explore the uses of construction IT and BIM in facilities management
  • Gauge the practices of BIM
  • Evaluate the value of Building Information Modeling
  • Use BIM to review building information
  • Endorse BIM techniques in facilities management
  • Enhance facility management practices by using BIM

After gaining a variety of great things from SUSS FMT313 course, students also need to finish the assignments given during the course. The students are provided with various report writing assignments, Building Information Modeling ppt as well as literature review writing for information exchange process between BIM models and FM systems. In the busy schedule of tiresome lectures, students are not able to give equal effort to every assignment while taking care of the bothersome guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the steps of Building Facility Management?

Ans. Building Facility Management has the following steps: –

  • Spatial Programming
  • Record BIM Modeling
  • Analysis of Building Performance
  • Asset Management Analysis
  • Space Planning & Management
  • Building Disaster Planning & Management
  • Building Preventive Maintenance

Q2. Name some countries with BIM Mandates.

Ans. List of some county names with BIM Mandates: –

  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • United States
  • UK
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Latvia
  • Denmark
  • Kazakhstan
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Australia

Q3. What are the competencies of facility management?

Ans. There are 11 core skillsets a facility manager should possess: –

  1. Occupancy and human factors
  2. Risk management
  3. Leadership and strategy
  4. Project management
  5. Operations and maintenance
  6. Real estate
  7. Sustainability
  8. Communication
  9. Finance and business
  10. Facility information and technology management
  11. Performance and quality

Q4. Is this possible to examine building information remotely?

Ans. Yes. BIM is generally used in collaboration with cloud architecture. This method enables the contractor participant to approach and examine the building information remotely and expanding collaborative potential & efficiency gains.

Q5. What is the type of this course and how long is this?

Ans. FMT313 Building Information Modeling for Facilities Management course is a modular undergraduate course which is of 6 months duration.

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