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EE8092 Digital Lifestyle NTU Assessment

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) EE8092 NTU course will cover content such as home entertainment system, PDA, mobile phones, personal computers, video camcorders, digital cameras, digital systems, digital audio players, and game consoles.

In this digital lifestyle, module candidates would be asked to submit University assignments within a stipulated time.

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The EE8092 Digital Lifestyle module Learning Upshots

The EE8092 digital lifestyle NTUis an STS (science technology and Society) elective that comprises three academic units.

Upon completion of this NTU digital lifestyle module, students will able to learn the below mentioned key points.

1. Various digital gadgets play a big role in our today lives but do you know how these digital Technologies and digital gadgets work?

  • The digital lifestyle module will teach candidates about Technology behind various digital gadgets like MP3 players and iPod, Dolby Digital surround sound, HD/LCD/Plasma TV, PlayStation/Xbox, Intel Pentium core duo processor, 3CCD video camcorders, spy cameras, multi-megapixel digital camera, and 3G mobile phones.
  • You will have an opportunity to gain knowledge of various digital gadgets and their underlying technologies.

2. Do you know how to choose among the different features and various brands that will perfectly suit your requirements and budget?

In these digital lifestyle lessons, you will learn about different upcoming brands and features you should look for before selecting the gadget. This will focus on the review of the product, availability in the market, Brand trustworthiness, ease of use, budget, return policies, payment methods.

3. By enrolling into this EE8092 module we ensure that you will not be baffled by the advertisements, salespersons, and digital terminologies

Salespersons and advertisements will motivate you to buy the product just to increase their sales. They would provide you with huge discounts and offers on the desired products. You will learn about how to strategize your buying decision. The purchase decision would consist of searching, evaluation of alternative, the decision of purchase, and post-purchase evaluation.

4. Candidates would go to learn about the various digital gadgets uses, terminologies.

You will learn about the present and future uses of various digital gadgets. The EE8092 course content will include PDA and mobile phones, personal computers, video camcorders and digital cameras, digital audio systems, game consoles and home entertainment systems.

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5. Students would able to understand and learn about various digital Technologies related to mobile phones

The EE8092 digital lifestyle module will focus on digital technologies like wireless messaging services, push mail, VoIP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPRS, wireless communication, personal digital assistant (PDA), and other services related to mobile phones.

6. You will know about the networking Technologies and details about computer systems

  • You will learn about networking terminologies like Wi-Fi, LAN, and WAN. The NTU module will further focus on USB, serial port, and firewire.
  • You will also study pointing devices, external storage, and hard disk storage such as CD drives and DVDs, main memory, processor, display, tablets, laptop, and desktop.
  • This will allow you to know your computer system very well in term of its hardware, software devices, memory storage, and its various types.

7. Scholars would learn about the applications and Trends of digital technology

  • In this EE8092 subject you will learn about video streaming and webcams; spy and professional cameras; digital videos and video camcorders; imaging software and tools; digital imaging and digital cameras.
  • We will see current advancement in digital technology in Singapore and its application in our day-to-day life.

8. You will master about the Technologies related to digital audio and digital system

  •  In the EE8092 digital lifestyle assignments, scholars will learn about digital audios, speaker systems, MP3 players, and various digital audio formats like AAC, WMA, and MP3.
  • They would be acquiring knowledge on these terminologies through assignments given on such topics.

9. Students will grasp the applications and use of game consoles and home entertainment system

You as a learner will acknowledge digital projectors, game consoles, video-on-demand, IP and cable TV, DVD/VCD recorders and players, Hi-fi systems, HD-TV/SDTV, LCD, plasma, and CRT television sets included in EE8092 digital lifestyle assessment topics. The NTU past year paper solution would provide answers related to such topics. Here we will see the use and application of these systems in our daily life.

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