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CZ3006 Net Centric Computing – NUS Assignment Sample Singapore

Significance of networking Technologies has aroused during recent times due to changes in telecommunications and computer networking.

In order to make Singapore students aware of Technology and computing National University of Singapore (NUS) has included CZ3006 Net Centric Computing Course as a part of computer engineering.

NUS offers wide range of courses like law, social sciences, engineering, computing, business, arts, dentistry, environment and medicine for both post graduate and undergraduate levels.

In Net Centric Computing (CZ3006) Course students will also have to submit NUS Assignments, dissertation, reports, timed online assessment etc.

All these activities come under TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and FYP (Final Year Project) which carries substantial weight age of 40% marks in the final result.

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Discussing CZ3006 Net Centric Computing

CZ3006 Net Centric Computing Course throws lights on distributed computing applications and Systems that can communicate through internet which is also known as WAN (Wide Area Network).

Example is Computational Grids, World Wide Web.

Focus of net centric computing is on challenges of internet based applications and services prevailing at entire Global scale.

It also focuses on operation, design, implementation of internet.

CZ3006 Net centric computing focuses particularly on  these factors

  • web mining
  • search engines
  • application layer protocol
  • grid dependability and reliability
  • heterogeneous grids reliability and performance

Major challenges discussed in Net Centric Computing (CZ3006) Course 

  • Reliability
  • Maintenance
  • Security and
  • Testing 

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Topics covered under CZ3006 Net Centric Computing Course

The new branch introduced in computing which is known as Net Centric computing defines about Paradigm shift of internet model of computing.

Net Centric Computing (CZ3006) Course will include following topics

  • Introduction of net Centric computing
  • Network protocols and concepts of computer communication
  • web standards and multimedia systems
  • mobile And wireless computing
  • Network security
  • Introduction of Distributed systems: models and architectures; peer to peer; client-serve; service-oriented challenges in distributed systems; synchronization of distributed systems
  • Middleware Technologies :message oriented middleware, RMI/RPC/Web Services, TCP IP sockets
  • Fundamental models :security model; interaction model
  • Cloud computing
  • Web service Technologies : SOAP, XML protocols

Net centric computing can be considered as inter connection of software, humans and hardware operating over Local Area Network (LAN), Internet, Intranet, Virtual Private Network to attain some predefined goals.

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What this entire Net Centric Computing (CZ3006) Course will teach to Singaporean students?

  1. About history of Internet and computer networks
  2. Introduction of protocol notion
  3. Existence of Internet in today’s world
  4. Discussion of major bodies of network standards of security
  5. Examining key network Technologies
  6. Analyzing current trends of development in web application
  7. Learning about emerging Trends of data Technologies
  8. Researching about current issues related to net centric computing
  9. Use of network applications like web browsers, instant messaging, Telnet, FTP and email
  10. Explaining network architecture layered and hierarchical structure

Students learn a lot about computing and Technology from this Net Centric Computing (CZ3006) Course.

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