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SWK292 Social Work Practice and Skills Lab II: Working with Small Groups Assignment Sample

 In today’s era of technological advancement where students want to make their careers in a professional field, there are some who look forward to working socially to help people in different ways.

Many students are there who opt for SWK 292 working with small groups which are a part of Social Work practices and skills. This course is available in one of the famous Singapore University that is SUSS (Singapore University of Social Science).

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Besides regular curriculum of Social Work courses students also gets some SWK 292.

Group-based assignments (GBA) and tutor-marked assignments (TMA), which are a crucial part of this program and these assignments carry up to 30% weightage of marks in the final result.

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Why it is important to study SWK 292 working with small group’s course?

The major purpose of including SWK 292 to social work course in the curriculum of SUSS University is to educate students about smaller groups like support groups, education groups, task groups, about social work practices, cultural competence, self-awareness and ethics.

This course help students to learn about leadership and group dynamic theories, ethical issues in the group, analysis of religious, class, gender and cultural diversity while dealing in small groups and practical use of group work and individual in the social change.

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The layout of the SUSS SWK292 Course

The SUSS Social Work practice and skills lab (working with small groups) course will educate Singaporean scholars about how to work into small groups.

Important topics that SUSS SWK 292 courses teach are as follows:

  • Analysis of group work: performing social worker roles like a mediator, group facilitator or counsellor
  • theories of group dynamics: social science and behavioural theories
  • how to plan and begin the group: maintaining relationships with supervisors, clients, colleagues and other professionals
  • assessing multicultural group work: an examination of issues like status, religion, age, gender, race and socio-economic status
  • Foundation and specialized methods for task groups: adapting skills like creative and critical thinking, responding, and active listening
  • ethics classification: definition, and history of group work attributes like class, age, ethnicity, and more
  • how to end the groups work: by recognizing social work ethics and values

This course will help students to gain knowledge of common needs required by Social Workgroups that include needing to cope with loneliness, loss or illness; how to cope with life transitions; acquiring skills for information and need of improving relationships socially.

Students are taught observations, and role-playing through various examples like healthcare and family services.

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Learning outcome of SWK 292 working with small groups course

If students complete this course successfully they would be able to:

  1. Explain leadership or group dynamic theories
  2. Understanding of various group work models like a remedial model, reciprocal model and social goals model
  3. Learning various factors of How to resolve ethical issues that arise during group work practice
  4. Analysis of cultural, diversity, class, religious, gender, linguistic, ethnic, and racial diversity while working into small groups
  5. Building a relationship and developing communication skills with small groups
  6. Differentiation of skills while treating educational support and task groups
  7. Understanding the planned change model while working with small groups that include planning, assessment, engagement, evaluation, intervention and termination
  8. An Application of skills of group work in various settings to the variety of populations
  9. An Application of practical implication of smaller groups for social change
  10. Illustration of human rights while working in smaller groups

These learning outcomes will help students to perform effectively in social work.

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