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Cyber Bullying Essay Example

Apart from the other bullying issues of racism, colourism etc. in the school & colleges, there has been one severe issue of bullying arouse in the modern world with developing technology i.e. Cyber Bullying.

In today’s world which has made the world smaller with the emerging technologies, have also gave birth to some new-age problems. There is no doubt that there are numerous advantages of the technologies but it has also come up with some adverse effects. With all the benefits, it also gave birth to cyberbullying.

In simple words, Cyberbullying has come up from the technology in a form of misusing the information technology intending to harm or harass others.

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Introduction to Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying also called as cyber harassment is a form of threatening, bullying, harassing or intimidating someone by the means of some electronic devices. This is also known as online bullying. This is a kind of bullying using the digital platform, media or devices.

Cyberbullying doesn’t mandatorily mean by the hacking of someone’s a profile/ account or posing of being someone else. But cyberbullying takes place in various forms like texts through SMSs, online chat forums, game forums, posting negative comments about somebody on social networking sites, spreading any rumours in order to defame or humiliate someone are all considered as cyberbullying. It can be held on different digital devices like computers, cell phones & tablets etc. Any such inappropriate activity like sending, posting or sharing negative content which is not decent but means or obscene, and harmful by the means of these digital devices is called cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying has become very common in today’s world as everyone uses the social networking platforms and it becomes easy for one to misuse this access. This comprises of actions of humiliating, blackmailing, defame, manipulate or harass a person. Such antagonistic activities lead to severe damages for a person easily and in a bad manner.

Common types of Cyberbullying

Every “Any action performed through electronic or digital media by people or groups that convey antagonistic or offensive messages planned to cause damage or distress overtime against a person.”

Everyone should be aware of the cyberbullying activities so that suitable measures can be undertaken to prevent and confront them.

Here are some common types of cyberbullying: –

  • Flaming- using exasperating words against a person in an unfriendly manner
  • Impersonation- making fake accounts or accessing an individual’s actual social-media account and posting/ sharing things to spoil a person’s reputation
  • Harassment– regularly sending malevolent messages to a person
  • Doxing– posting personal information of an individual with an intention to defame, humiliate or harass the person
  • Denigration- spreading rumours or false facts about a person to spoil his image
  • Cyberstalking- online harassment & denigration which lead a person to fear for his safety like via threatening texts
  • Trickery- fooling someone to share his personal information and the sharing it on online platforms
  • Exclusion- excluding someone from an online group on a purpose
  • Outing- posting personal and embarrassing information of a person online

Who is a cyberbully?

A cyberbully is not always a stranger but it may also be some known of yours who might be having an intention to harm you. A cyberbully can be an online stranger but he can also be someone the victim knows.

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A cyber-bully is generally a person who is himself to a product of harassment or abused in some ways, verbally or physically, or might be cyberbullied by someone. Or possibly they can be someone simply bored or completely vile who want to disturb everyone’s life and make it messy.

Generally, cyberbullies work in a group as they feel safe and stronger in a team. In fact, many times they themselves have conflicts against each other but they cannot move apart due to safety reasons and a fear of getting cyberbullied themselves by someone.

As it is recognized by specialists, tormentors are usually gloomier than their victims. What’s more stressful for us is that the cyberbullies get the bogus sentiment of satisfaction when they send inappropriate or threatening content/ e-mails to their victims and get delighted. The main target of digital domineering jerks yet in addition customary harassers is to have power. They wish to have control of every circumstance. They want to be dominators and oppress everybody and end up with doing such cybercrimes.

Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is an ugly face of the internet and therefore its consequences are also ugly yet dangerous.

There are numerous serious consequences of cyberbullying victimization. Victims may have low self-esteem, fear of associating with others, growing suicidal rumination, a variety of emotional responses, and many more serious problems.

Cyberbullying disturbs the peace of mind of a person. In fact, several people are known to have suffered from depression after getting cyberbullied. Besides, many people attempt to do self-harming activities. In addition, all those inapt comments or content make them feel inferior.

Cyberbullying results in many serious insecurities and complexes which can be understood by the following impacts of cyberbullying: –

  • Mental and physical sickness
  • The victim feels alone and isolated
  • Losing interest in going to school/ college or office
  • Victims might get ill
  • Depression
  • Emotional damage
  • Having self-doubt
  • Losing self-confidence
  • Losing inner peace
  • Suppression of speech
  • Cyberbullying tarnishes the image of a person
  • Ruin reputation due to rumours

How to Halt Cyber Bullying?

Prevention of cyberbullying is the severest thing the world needs right now. Cyber-crimes and bullying are needed to be monitored properly and should be put to an end now.

Cyberbullying can be prevented in various ways of tackling and ceasing it. All those methods can be implemented by every individual or authoritative level people as well.

Here are some ways to prevent cyberbullying: –

  • Never share your personal information online
  • Neglect posting your explicit pictures or information on social media
  • Do not ever discuss personal matters on social media platforms
  • Keep your information and details limited
  • Maintain your information security by yourself
  • Do not share your account details or internet password with anyone
  • Do not click on the mysterious links
  • Make yourself, your children or fellows aware of cyberbullying
  • Monitor your children’s online activities and limit its usage
  • Use the new technologies carefully
  • Do not allow any site to take your personal information
  • Never let anyone take your photo or video without your consent
  • Never respond to any unknown message or mail
  • If any case of cyberbullying comes, do not delay to report it
  • Make use of cyber-security provisions to fight back
  • Try to identify the victims
  • School and colleges should organize some sessions to inform the students and make them aware with do’s and don’ts
  • The country should support the victim and make justice with him utilizing the laws against cybercrime and cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying is a significant issue, and it can be really dreadful to experience such a troublesome period. Being brave and retaliating is the main choice against these domineering jerks. It’s conceivable to get over it and carry on with your life once more. Consulting a counsellor can enable the victims to deal with the event more reliably and securely. Life doesn’t get over if you are a sufferer of cyberbullying and it is possible to fight back and live your life happily further.

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