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Adapting and Innovation Essay sample

Adapting and Innovation Essay sample

In this essay sample we will be going to discuss adapting and innovation. In every organization or any other place, the importance of innovation cannot be overlooked and play a crucial role in increasing the production, growth, performance, quality, quantity, competitiveness, and position of such an organization in the economy.

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The essay sample covers the knowledge of adapting and innovation where it incorporates the significance, organizational benefits, and characteristics, managerial implications in executing the innovation and sustainability factor. The organizational benefits are directly proportional to the internal innovation that takes place with the help of special interests shown by the employees.

As innovation is termed as the key factor development of an organization that increases the potential customers and meets the requirements of such clients. Innovation always comes up with certain benefits and meets the urgent needs of the customer, as well as existing market requirements, as necessity is the mother of innovation can’t forget to cite.

Innovation creates a new process to implement and increase the production level and employee as well as overall organizational performance. Ultimately this led to an increase in competitiveness in the market and extract fruitful results.

The authorities in the organization who come up with such innovation can examine the width of such creation via employee’s performance, and in turn furnish strategic recommendations that make the innovation strong enough. The innovation gives rise to other aspects in the organization that as adaptability and here workplace availability play a major role.

As innovation surge to adaptability and flexibility in the organization can make it strong. The clarity in roles and responsibilities, strategic plans, management program, restructuring of the organization, investment in human resources of the organization can strengthen it. Adapting and innovation help in determining the level of efficiency, productivity, and change or alteration in customs.

The essence of innovation in an organization

The term innovation can simply be understood as the creation or invention in the organization that is bought with the purpose to meet the customer as well as market requirements and to meet the organization’s objectives. Innovation is the solution to resolve the existing problem effectively with the help of new processes, ideas, services, technologies, and make them readily available to the market.

Innovation connotes a distinct idea, process, method, technique, approach, and means to resolve problems. The essence of innovations is the necessity felt by the authorities of the organization.

A windfall of innovation in an organization

To understand the benefits of innovation in any organization, it is necessary to comprehend its function and structure.

  1. As innovation stimulates employee performance and productivity by creating new executing processes.
  2. It gives rise to new methods for better working mechanisms in the organization and increases competitive advantage. On the other hand, from the management purposes, the innovative employees considered being more enthusiastic to improve their work and experience job satisfaction. This ultimately gives benefit to the organization and creates a robust team.
  3. The innovation by the managers of the organization can be seen in the working procedure of employees, as it ensures teamwork, creativity, and resolving conflicts.
  4. For internal innovation, the HR and IT departments provide training and mentor the employees for higher efficiency outcomes and substantiate adaptability culture.

Managerial Implications

For making innovation fruitful for the growth and development of any organization, certain managerial implications come across. As to determine the work environment, nature of objective organization has and what type of work should be delegated to the employees. All such managerial implications need to be taken into consideration before going into depth of innovation.

As it is quite obvious that employees feel dull and bored in performing the same function throughout the year and the one who escapes from creativity would fail to create innovation. Yet, it is required to maintain a balanced and holistic approach to innovation and routine work. Before going to implement any innovation in the organization it is required to evaluate the risk factor in its successful execution.

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Types of Innovation

To understand the concept of adapting and innovation, it is important to note the kinds of innovation that every organization looks into before creating anything new. So basically three types of innovation are entrepreneurial value-based, technology-based, and strategic-reflexive.

  • Value-based type- In the innovation of an entrepreneurial value-based type, it is stimulated by an individual action that led to establishing an enterprise with the concept of adaption.
  • Technology-based- The second type that is technology-based is about the new creation in the field or area of technology. Such innovation can be in respect of something new as to idea, method, technique, or any other technology that drives the growth of the company.
  • Strategic- reflexive- The third type is strategic- reflexive is the innovation that arises from individual interaction in association with organization objective.
  • Certain other types of innovation are not directly created by the variables such as financial, cumulative, architectural, structural, etc. Such innovation comes up to fulfill the gap between problems and obtaining organizational goals.

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