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MGT 555 Innovation and Strategy SUSS Sample Assessment

MGT 555 Innovation and Strategy SUSS Sample Assessment

Here, we shall be looking at the course which is quite famous and sought-after in today’s scenario. It is MGT555 Innovation and Strategy. This course is offered by the SUSS or the Singapore university of social science. As such, it is a level course that is available each semester.

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In an increasingly unpredictable, uncertain, muddled, and equivocal business climate, organizations need to receive a focus on an amazing strategy for advancement. Fruitful associations comprehensive of Apple, Amazon, Coca Cola, Toyota, Samsung, P&G, and so on. Distinctive venture pioneers hold to assemble leap forwards with creative methodologies.

Therefore, this reshapes markets, supply benefactor esteem, rethink channels and safeguard rivalry.

Moreover, this way looks at the assorted rising innovation and systems that commercial center pioneers use to incorporate advancement into their venture strategy. Through real-world models and contextual analyses, understudies will figure out how to pressure advancement and foster methodologies with regard to industry interruption.

Furthermore,  This course covers several important topics. For instance, it includes the likes of The Innovative Organisation: Culture, Structure, and Processes, Emerging Technologies and Disruptive Innovations, Business Innovation and Transformation, Open Innovation, Crowdsourcing and Co-Creation among others. 

Moving on, these several concepts and topics of the course are very helpful for students. In addition, this also results in learning outcomes. Learning outcomes refers to the skills acquired by the students throughout the course. We shall be looking at these learning outcomes in the next section of the sample assessment.

Learning outcome of MGT555 Innovation and Strategy SUSS

In this section of the sample assessment,  We shall be looking at various learning outcomes of MGT 555 Innovation and Strategy. We will be looking at each one of the learning outcomes in great detail.

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Describe the strategy development process with combination innovation

Students are taught to combine various forms of innovations. They learn to combine these into strategies. As such, we can consider it to be a developmental process. This helps them learn how to develop better strategies.

What is an appraisal of an Innovative Organization?

This is one of the most important learning outcomes of this course. For digital economy considered to be a quite important element of any organization. Therefore, SUSS teaches students to appraise the digital economy of an innovative organization.

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How can you formulate around the untapped business opportunities?

We all know that there are several untapped areas that can be useful for businesses. Therefore, it is important for a business to use this opportunity, For that reason, students are taught to formulate on the same. In addition to this, they are also taught to capitalize on these through innovative changes without changing the business model.

Conduct examination through multiple perspectives to identify the reasoning

An organization needs to look at something from a different perspective to understand it fully. Thus, students learn to examine new concepts and ideas from various different perspectives. This helps them identify reasoning across different fields. They use different assumptions, contents, and methods.

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