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What Factors Influence Knowledge Sharing In Organization Essay Sample

This essay sample is on What Factors Influence Knowledge Sharing In Organizations for Singapore students. Here we will cover  What is Organization Knowledge Sharing?, What factors influence knowledge sharing in Organisations?, social factors in knowledge management, Knowledge sharing behavior and productivity of Singaporeans, etc.

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Introduction- What Factors Influence Knowledge Sharing In Organizations Essay

Knowledge sharing in an organization plays a fairly important role. We can all agree, the effectiveness of an organization largely depends on it. Obviously, there are several factors that affect it too. The name itself tells what knowledge sharing means. Regardless, what is it in a professional setting, and what are the factors influencing it? We shall be discussing the same in this sample essay.

Moving on, this is quite an important concept. For the same reason, we shall be discussing the topic in great detail. In addition to this, we shall be dividing the essay into different sections. Nevertheless, our main point focus will be factors that influence knowledge sharing in the organization.

However, we shall start our essay with a brief look at the definition of Knowledge sharing in an organization. As it is important to understand before moving any further:

Main body- What Factors Influence Knowledge Sharing In Organizations Essay

What is Organization Knowledge Sharing?

Organizational Knowledge sharing refers to the sharing of Undocumented as well as explicit (documented) information among individuals in a professional setting. In addition to keeping everyone in the chain, it also improves the productivity of Singapore employees.

Along with that, it also encourages them to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Plus, employees work faster as well as smarter when they have insight and knowledge of expertise and resources.

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What factors influence knowledge sharing in Organisations?

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be going through the various factors which influence organizational knowledge sharing. In general, there are two types of factors that influence knowledge sharing i.e Organizational factors and Socio-cultural factors.

Moreover, these factors can be further divided into several points which are as mentioned below:

Organizational factors

In this subfield, we shall be looking at the organizational factors that knowledge sharing in a professional setting:

Organizational culture

As we know, an organization’s culture reflects its core values, beliefs, norms as well as social customs. In addition to all of this, it also affects how an employee behaves and acts within a professional setting. For some reason, it is believed that organizational culture highly influences sharing of knowledge within a professional setting.


Leadership in any given situation is highly influencing and important. in fact, one can not overestimate the importance of leadership. Similarly, in organizational knowledge sharing to leadership is a quite influencing factor,


Rewards, maybe affect employees’ behaviors and performance to attain the organizational targets. This effect may be direct or indirect. Thus, employees are expected to perform a task better if they believe they can be rewarded for their work. Consequently, this directly affects employees’ willingness to share knowledge within the organization in Singapore.

Information and Communication  Technology

For obvious reasons, sharing of knowledge in an organization highly depends on ICT. ICT means information and communication technologies. If an organization has an effective system, the sharing of knowledge is hassle-free. However, on the other hand, if the ICT is hard to use it will hamper the sharing of knowledge.

Social factors in knowledge management

As suggested by the title, we shall be looking at Socio-cultural factors that affect knowledge sharing within an organization. These are, as mentioned below:


An employee’s perception highly affects their behavior as well as actions. Consequently, perception influences Singapore employees’ ability or willingness to share knowledge with their colleagues i.e. within the organization.


It is said that the collaboration of two individuals can create “knowledge links”. As such creating social communities allows better flow of information. Consequently, if an organization has better social communities their knowledge-sharing channels are better and vice-versa.

Knowledge sharing behavior and productivity of Singaporeans

The National Knowledge Sharing Survey 2012 sought to find out the level of knowledge sharing among Singaporeans in an effort to promote good knowledge management practices. The study found that Singaporeans tend to be more comfortable with interpersonal interaction and like talking face-to-face. Online activities such as blogging and forums were much less popular than interacting in person, but submission to online sites or blogs was higher for professionals in fields such as education and engineering.

The survey also revealed consensus towards knowledge management best practices, which include: defining a culture of collaboration; establishing policies on privacy versus intellectual property ownership; demonstrating the benefits of knowledge sharing; developing transparency in information access by field of expertise.; constructing efficient internal processes for identifying potential sources for new ideas.


Knowledge sharing is important for organizations because it can help improve innovation and problem-solving. However, there are many factors that may influence knowledge sharing in an organization including the company culture, how often employees interact with one another on a daily basis, and where people work (i.e., open office vs cubicle). The first step to improving your organizational knowledge-sharing practices is figuring out what areas need improvement the most. Once you identify these aspects of your business environment that inhibit knowledge transfer, take steps toward mitigating them through changes like more face-to-face interactions or giving teams space to brainstorm together without interruption.

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