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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (MTD369) SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

MTD369 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality aims to equip students with the ability to create virtual reality (VR) applications through the use of Unity. They will learn about concepts governing VR designs as well as main components in creating these immersive environments for Google Cardboard devices or other head-mounted displays like Oculus Rift, Meta 2, etc., by researching how they work within different platforms/environments e.g.: PC-AR Framework; Daydream vs Gear VR.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (MTD369) SUSS Assignment Sample Singapore

Students will also learn to create Augmented Reality applications using AR Core and Tango. They will be taught the concepts of creating AR apps as well as understanding how the mechanics work within different platforms/environments e.g.: iOS, Android.

Topics Covered In Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (MTD369) SUSS Assignment Sample

This section of the assignment sample highlights some areas that might be relevant to you. The following topics are discussed in this course:

  • Introduction to Virtual Reality and VR Applications.
  • VR Scenes and Objects
  • Unity Basics
  • VR Platform Experience and Platform Setup
  • Unity Scripting in C#
  • Developing a VR experience with Google Cardboard
  • Interaction in VR
  • Developing an interactive VR Quiz with 360 Video
  • Challenges of VR interaction
  • Introduction to Augmented Reality and AR Applications
  • AR development environment
  • Developing an AR mobile application

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Learning Outcomes Of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (MTD369) SUSS Assignment Sample

The section of this assignment sample will help you to better understand the learning outcomes that are expected from taking it. These include:

Analyze basic scripting techniques and concepts related to VR through the use of the Unity platform.

Unity is a platform for the development and deployment of video games and other virtual reality applications. It is used to create games with 3D content, where the game contains both graphics and objects that can be interacted with. Virtual reality or augmented reality experience is created by importing elements such as models, settings, animations, and sounds into Unity using third-party tools. The engine then applies physics to all imported items, which gives them realistic behavior. Set extensions are applied to buildings and indoor spaces in the scene so that they seamlessly merge with their environment.

Basic scripting techniques related to VR application development:

  • The Unity platform offers a complete suite of tools and services that enable users to create high-quality content, collaborate more efficiently and bring their vision to life.
  • Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, which is primarily used to develop both three-dimensional and two-dimensional video games and simulations for computers, consoles, and mobile devices. The technology enables cross-platform publishing, which allows a game or application to be released on several different platforms with little or no extra effort by the developer.
  • Unity was originally developed for desktop PCs using the Windows platform but has since been extended to include capabilities for game consoles, mobile devices, TVOS, Android, IOS, and UWP. Unity Technologies claims that its products are intended to democratize game development, making it possible for many people with little previous coding experience to create high-quality games.
  • Unity provides a complete suite of tools targeting all aspects of the development process of both 2D and 3D games as well as cross-platform capabilities such as advanced multiplayer support, third-party asset store compatibility, and Virtual Reality (VR) development for selected platforms.

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Apply the fundamentals of VR design for mobile devices and understand their importance

VR design for mobile devices is crucial because it’s not just about getting entertained. It’s an ideal tool to do remote training, host events, do marketing research, and much more.

Quite simply put, it’s not just about getting entertained by VR apps? VR design is an ideal tool that can be used to do remote training, host events for promotion for business marketing research, and more. We all need to understand how this new technology carries some consequences like motion sickness or nausea while using small screens on mobile devices which are open in themselves up to limitations like processing power or battery life; there are also some other problems too which you should factor in while developing VR apps such as motion sickness and developing in a cross-platform.

Examine the main components of VR development using Unity

Unity is a powerful and intuitive development platform that makes it possible to produce beautiful and engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences. Unity handles the details, provides access to best-in-class tooling, gives you harnesses for playmakers- turning your vision into reality and tightening your grip on first!

Unity’s developer extensibility lets you build to specific hardware like eye-tracking devices and haptics devices or incorporate other platforms such as Windows Mixed Reality or ARCore so quickly, easily, and efficiently. When we develop for the mixed reality we focus its intelligence on the strengths of each device as well as capabilities such as gaze tracking as inputs, enabling interactions through gesture control wherever the user looks with Windows Mixed Reality input devices, just one of the strengths that Unity has which let us focus on developing the game or app rather than worrying about coding.

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Employ game coding concepts in game design

Video game design can benefit from incorporating common concepts of computer programming, such as orderly loops and conditional statements. Without these structures applied to the design process, it’s all too easy for a game programmer or other multidisciplinary team to introduce errors by omitting an essential piece of the puzzle.

Computer programs are efficient at automating tasks that are repeatable in nature because simple steps are repeated over time with these operations being executed one after the other. The resultant outcome is predictable and relatively errorless. Video games should be able to experience similar efficiency-related benefits by employing coding structures that help programmers mitigate risks through the rigid structure. Games have long been known to have rules that vary just enough so gamers don’t typically become bored or sick of playing them.

Develop a 3D VR application

Developing a 3D VR application is not an easy task. The entire programming must be re-written for Unity3D with external libraries, and the most difficult part is writing all of the control codes. Even if one wants to develop a low-budget VR game, there are many barriers in the programmer’s way.

To put it simply, developing a 3D VR app costs time and money. And even though some people might say that it only takes 30 minutes to make an app like this, they’re either misleading someone or don’t know what they’re talking about – because trust us, developing anything complex takes time! Furthermore, their lack of knowledge can affect quality greatly – which defeats the purpose of making something cheap in the first place.

VR hacks for existing games on PC or mobile might work with some games, but not all. Some of them are even more difficult to develop which means it can take longer than these 30 minutes to make it work. Even though the market is still young, there are many things that need to be considered when developing anything new – 3D or otherwise – which will only complicate the process.

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Create a VR application to be ported to mobile VR using Google Cardboard

There are already plenty of applications out there for developing virtual reality (VR) apps. Oculus has created almost everything you could imagine in terms of 3D modeling, screenwriting, and game programming so that you can develop your idea on the computer without needing any special tools. Where they sometimes fall short is porting their product into mobile VR formats like Google Cardboard-style headsets. Luckily, some developers have taken the task upon themselves of bridging the divide between these two forms – Lesson of Eve is one of them! They offer pretty comparable features at $25 for desktop or $150 for mobile where Rift costs around 700 dollars with fewer features.

Virtual Reality is an experience of a world that can be similar to the real world or it is completely different. It gives users the opportunity to interact with this virtual environment through applications developed for VR headsets. You can think of Virtual reality as a computer-simulated 3D virtual space that one can explore and feel like they are actually present in that place.

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