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MGMT002 Technology And World Change Assignment Sample Singapore

 MGMT002 Technology And World Change Assignment Sample, SMU Singapore

Technology and World Change course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how technology has shaped the modern society. Students will also learn about specific examples where a particular innovation was created, refined, or implemented by entrepreneurs from larger corporations or industrial systems.

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The final goal for this course it train young adults on critical thinking skills that are both broad based and interdisciplinary as well as equip them with analytical tools necessary to analyze matters of uncertainty and ambiguity.

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 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Technology And World Change module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

A. How technology has changed the world 

Technology has changed the world in many ways, one of the most interesting have been outside of development. With social media and camera phones, news spreads more quickly now than ever before. The Arab Spring protests began after high school student Hamada Alboshok posted video of police officers pushing college students off a rooftop on Facebook and people throughout Egypt began to share it. News can spread faster than ever before, with blogs picking up on an event all around the world in just hours.

Understand how civilizations changed in antiquity and the present is derived from past technological changes, and conversely, how civilization shapes the development and use of technology

Of course, the civilizations of antiquity changed greatly over time – some in ways that were fundamental and lasting, others in temporary and superficial ways. Some might think that Egyptians or Romans are more similar than other ancient civilizations. However, when you get below the surface there is much diversity.

For example, people from Mesopotamia had a very different lifestyle than those from Egypt even though both were relatively advanced on their own time scales. It appears likely that Egyptian civilization led to what we recognize as modern culture with a hierarchical system where slaves could be bought or sold depending on needs and surplus produce was used for trade as opposed to stockpiles like everything else found in Mesopotamia back then (which wasn’t uncommon).

Understand the antecedents and consequences of historical and contemporary agricultural and industrial revolutions; these being a broader lens within which socio-economic activity and technological change can be viewed

Historical antecedents and consequences can be interpreted by studying the past through present observations focusing on how we have evolved as a society over time. Studying such things is important to historical research, which ensures that the scope of inquiry is broad enough to explore all angles.

History is about making sense of who we are now by understanding how it came to be. History records events and storing them in an organized way creates a sense of permanence for people – history provides stability when reading each new thing you absorb or read makes it clear that many stories were different before, but that they may change again in the future

Become more confident and capable in understanding how innovations and technology come about, including specific examples of how technology (e.g. product, process or service) advances in historical and current contexts. 

Innovations and technology come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from tiny nanotech to advances in genetics. So it’s important to recognize that while some innovations or technologies seem too complicated for a beginner like you, there are plenty of other opportunities for someone who is as inquisitive and enthusiastic about the world around you.

For instance, how about an iPhone? Why not find out more about one of the most popular consumer products on the planet by downloading an e-Book or attending a seminar at your local library? When it comes to helping people create their next innovation or technological advance unfortunately our time here on earth is limited but there’s still plenty we can do with what time we have.

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B. General skills to act effectively in a dynamic world

The skills required to be effective in a dynamic world are constantly changing with the environment. It is important to keep up with new developments in your field and absorb information from other areas that may help you to develop more creativity and independence.

In order to be productive in any organization or aspect of life, it is crucial to have the capacity for continuous learning. Presenting your thoughts creatively, using expressions as well as words, being able to organize them logically by organizing your thoughts first into general categories before narrowing down the ideas- these skills will assist you when working on projects or leading teams. To maintain a good leadership position it is necessary not only that one has good interpersonal skills but also some degree of inner reflection so they can undo mistakes committed.

Learn scientific investigative techniques for gaining insights into multifaceted phenomena (e.g. ‘natural experiments’ such as Jared Diamond’s investigation into the causes of geographical disparity in modern technological development)

In order to scientifically investigate the multifaceted causes of complex systems such as why some societies succeed and others don’t, one needs to first understand the basics of scientific investigation into natural experiments such as Jared Diamond’s investigation into the causes of geologic events or Thomas Kuhn’s work on physics.

These natural experiments are akin to how investigations are done in a laboratory where you can isolate a singular variable and see its effect on an outcome. However, with these so-called “natural experiments” it is not always clear what type of “single variable” one may want to study (or which make sense) given no single answer will prove causation.

Develop abilities to critically analyze data and to formulate plans for analysis (e.g. determining what data to collect, how the data should be analyzed and how the results should be interpreted); this includes issues with uncertainty and ambiguity

There are many different data programs that can be used to analyze a dataset, so before selecting your software, it’s important to have an idea of what specific analyses you want the program to do.

If you’re just comparing means and looking for statistical significance in one variable, then SAS Software is great because it produces output like Cohen’s d effect size (d) and student zed range which are common in social sciences. Microsoft Excel also has its own formulas for calculating standard deviation statistics if you use their data analysis functions.

Before using the software, though, remember that there is no one “correct” way of performing analysis- everything depends on what questions you’re asking about your data set.

Integrate knowledge from different academic disciplines in critiquing and assessing the impact of technological innovations. 

Regarding assessing the impact of technology in our contemporary society, an academic can review methodology to be sure that it is objective and not biased. Finally, there should be a measurement or quantified design component which is appropriate and rigorous for measuring the effects of each designed intervention. Doing this will help determine effectiveness throughout evaluations by estimating the true impact on people’s attitudes, beliefs, behaviors or well-being. If all these criteria are met, one may answer “Yes.”

C. Action-oriented Attitude

Successful positive psychology is founded on the belief that an optimistic attitude will flourish. The key to cultivate such an attitude is its active engagement in problem-solving activities. An action-oriented attitude does not only involve what we do, but also how we think and feel about it. It has a sense of energy, enthusiasm, resourcefulness and zest for experiencing life – which often comes from our sheer delight in challenging problems and acquiring new skills. Optimism feeds into action by promoting patience when things don’t go according to plan; easy persistence in the face of setbacks; and delighting anticipation with the promise of success.

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Identify potential business opportunities from technological and world changes

The progress of technology will always create change, and these changes can be harnessed to generate new business opportunities. Looking at the top issues people are facing today, it’s easy to see how they might be tapping into a significant potential customer base by addressing or looking for ways to address some of these topics in their operations.

For example, there is an enormous amount of attention being paid these days to security and encryption on the web which is likely prompting companies to look into software solutions that offer both protection and usability. Fulfilling this need would require an expertise in cybersecurity, IT infrastructure management/development, database driven applications development and systems architecture.

Be capable of asking intelligent questions to assess the technological feasibility and economic viability of potential technological innovations

Technical feasibility, or the general extent of technical knowledge and expertise available in an industry at a given time, plays a major part in determining whether an entrepreneur or inventor can develop something into a viable business. If the state of knowledge and technology required to bring an idea to fruition does not exist, then there’s no way for them to sell it.

Technological feasibility should be assessed before investing any money whatsoever into a new venture. It often makes sense to investigate whether your product would work even before attempting lengthy development cycles by producing prototypes first (to see what works and what doesn’t).

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