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Infrastructure Quality Improvement By Technology Essay Sample

Infrastructure Quality Improvement By Technology Essay Sample

This essay sample on Infrastructure Quality Improvement By Technology Essay Sample for Singapore students.  We will cover the What is the infrastructure?, Relationship between technology and quality improvement, What can be done to improve the poor quality of infrastructure recommendations, How to solve poor quality of infrastructure in Singapore, Challenges and issues faced by infrastructure projects, Innovative technologies to tackle infrastructural issues, etc.

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Introduction- Infrastructure Quality Improvement By Technology Essay

Infrastructure is an important part of any given business, region, or even nation. However, during these infrastructure projects, there are some problems. In this sample essay, we shall be looking at some Innovative technologies to tackle the quality problem in infrastructure projects. Thus, without further adieu:

Main body- Infrastructure Quality Improvement By Technology Essay Sample

What is the infrastructure?

Most of us have heard the term “infrastructure” thrown around quite often. But what does it actually mean? Well, it is quite simple. Infrastructure is an umbrella term that refers to the physical aspect of a business, or even a nation. One may also refer to it as a physical system. For instance, it may be a communication network, Water management system,  Electric systems, road network, and so on.

This gives us an idea of what infrastructure is. Moreover, these systems are usually quite capital-consuming. Thus, we can say that these are very high-cost investments. Regardless, infrastructure is quite an important aspect of a nation’s economic growth.

Furthermore, an infrastructure project could be publicly funded, or privately, or even a public-private partnership. If you want to read more about public-private partnership”  on your website. Moving on, we shall be looking at the different challenges and issues faced by infrastructure projects.

Challenges and issues faced by infrastructure projects

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the challenges and issues faced by infrastructure projects. These projects are quite complex processes. Thus, there are several issues that can arise in this process. We shall be looking at the same below. Thus, without further adieu:

  • Infrastructure projects can prove to be quite expensive
  • These projects can be financially inefficient
  • It can Drain Fiscal
  • Infrastructure can be irresponsive to user’s demands
  • It has a high maintenance cost
  • These projects often neglect the lower section of the society
  • Some projects can be harmful to society
  • Operations can be inefficient sometimes

So, these are some of the challenges faced by the or related to the infrastructure projects. Moving on, we will be looking at how innovative technologies can be used to tackle the infrastructural issues in the next section of the sample essay.

Relationship between technology and quality improvement

Relationships between technology and quality improvement are very controversial. Technology is supposed to enhance the quality of products, but in some areas, it’s not necessarily so easy.

Product assembly for instance relies heavily on hand operation since machines are unable to take apart sealed materials accurately which have plasticized components inside larger, outer packages that include metal or foil shielding packaging. This often leads to larger cost increases because more workers are necessary for production lines a smaller margin business in Singapore suffers from this simply by being required to hire additional help at higher payroll expense without gaining any statistical order-of-magnitude capacity along the way. The other side of the problem lies in the other effects on labor strategy when automation is implemented throughout an entire factory or business process, requiring more training in order to use the machines properly.

What can be done to improve the poor quality of infrastructure recommendations

To improve the quality of infrastructure recommendations, we should focus more on people and less on machines. Nearly 80 percent of human-powered fields such as construction, industrial production, farming, and office work will see a decline in Singaporean employment by 2030. Substitutes for low-skilled labor are booming – industrial robots could do the same job as 286,000 postal Singapore employees, according to one study.

The first thing we need to do is acknowledge the problem and start working together at solving it; then we must take proactive steps to develop better alternatives that can’t be replicated through automation. We might also want to look into other avenues that would connect professors with end-users like blueprints with builders, or CAD projects with manufacturers for instance!

How to solve poor quality of infrastructure in Singapore

Singapore is the only country that income inequality has gone up under economic growth.

This is large because Singapore’s population is inflated by foreigners, who are good for temporary jobs but not so much for long-term employment. The per capita GDP quintupled from 1957 to 2000, with real wages growing at a rate 15% higher than inflation. Yet the bottom 20% saw almost no improvement; those below retirement age rose from 14% to 26%.

Challenges after implementing infrastructure improvements include security and safety as the changes will expose the country’s vulnerabilities and make it easier for terrorists to strike; lack of land available to build on due to high density living as well as government restrictions about changing agricultural or other sensitive lands; and education requirements to build population controls since it’s harder to get permits for people to live in Singapore.

Solutions include implementing changes slowly over time so that the country can adapt accordingly; encouraging small business growth and entrepreneurship through innovation and incubators while growing demand for employees who are skilled in technology or modern sciences.

Innovative technologies to tackle infrastructural issues

In this modern age, new technologies arise each day. In addition, each technology is more innovative than the other. This begs the question, which innovative technologies can be used to solve problems that arise in infrastructural projects?

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at Innovative technologies to tackle the quality problem in infrastructure projects. Therefore, the innovative technologies that can help infrastructure projects are, as mentioned below:

BIM (Building Information Models)

BIM stands for Building Inforamtion Models. It is software that is based on a 3D model. It also AECs or Architecture, engineering, as well as construction to gain an insight into the project. In addition, it also provides the tools that help in better planning, designing, and construction of the project. It helps in the management of the project as well

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3D printing

We all know what 3D printing is.  It refers to the process of additive manufacturing of any three-dimensional objects based on a digital plan or file. In addition to this, it is a layer-by-layer process. Nevertheless, there is a common misconception that it can only be used to create small-scale things. However, it can be used to create larger things like entire houses. Thus, it can take construction strain off the project.

Plastics Roads

Plastic roads can significantly help infrastructure solve its problem. For start, plastics roads can be a good medium for recycling all the plastics waste. In addition to this, these roads are also more durable. Thus, it can help the projects be environmentally friendly as well as sustainable.

Mass Timber

Lastly, mass timber refers to the use of wood(timber) as a primary building material; For the past century or so we have used concrete as the building material. However, with the present architectural revolution, people are using more and more wood for construction.


Technology has a huge impact on infrastructure quality. It is important to use technology in the most effective way possible for safety and cost-effectiveness. A few ways that you can help your infrastructure improve by using tech include making sure there are no leaks, changing filters every six months when needed, or upgrading to more energy-efficient lights if they’re needed. In conclusion, it’s time for all of us to take action before our infrastructures crumble under their own weight!

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