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Public-Private Partnerships in Singapore  Essay Sample

This essay sample is on Public-Private Partnerships in Singapore Essay. We will cover the topic What is a Public-private partnership, Public-private partnership In Singapore, Types of PPP in Singapore, Features of Public-private partnership, Advantages of PPP, Disadvantages of PPP, etc.

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Introduction- Public Private Partnerships in Singapore Essay

PPP or Public-private partnership is becoming a common concept in Singapore city-state. In fact, the government is openly promoting and encouraging the PPPs. This begs the question; What is a PPP, why is it so important, and why does Singapore support it? we shall be answering all of these questions in this sample essay.

Moreover, we shall be providing all the necessary information related to the topic. Reason being that this topic is quite an important one for the students of the management. For the same reason, we shall also be dividing the topic into different sections. It will help readers understand the topic better and easier.

Moving on, we shall be starting our discussion by looking at the definition of the PPP. Regardless, we also are looking at PPP in Singapore as well as its different types, benefits, disadvantages, and so on.  So without further adieu:

Main body- Public Private Partnerships in Singapore Essay

What is a Public-private partnership?

The term “Public-private partnership” refers to a model in which the government partners with private companies to fulfill certain goals and infrastructure projects. In addition to this, this partnership also concerns the finances, designs, flourishment, as well as maintenance of the country’s concerned amenities.

Moving on, we shall be looking at the PPP in relation to Singapore in the next section of the sample essay. Thus, without further adieu:

Public-private partnership In Singapore

Public-private partnership is highly supported and backed by the Singapore government. Reason being that it helps Singapore city-state find better valuation in money as well as more effective ways to provide public services.

Moreover, PPP is also considered an alternative procurement method. The reason being that government offers quality services by using the advantages available in the private sector. Consequently, we can say that PPP is highly promoted and encouraged in Singapore.

Thus, there are several ongoing PPP projects in Singapore. We will be looking at these projects later on. Regardless, we shall be discussing the different types of PPP in the next section of the sample essay.

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Types of PPP in Singapore

Here, we shall be looking at the different types and forms of Public-private partnerships. Thus, these are, as mentioned below:

  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)
  • Build-Own-Operate (BOO)
  • Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT)
  • Build-Lease-Operate-Transfer (BLOT)
  • Design-Build (DB)
  • Design-Build-Finance (DBF)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Operate (DBFO)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO)
  • Design-Construct-Maintain-Finance (DCMF)
  • Operation and Maintenance(O&M)

Moving on, we will be discussing the PPP’s features in the next section of the samples.

Features of Public-private partnership

Every entity is defined by its features. Thus, PPP is no different. Moreover, we will be looking at the different features of Public-private partnerships.  Moving on, these are, as mentioned below:

  • It is service-oriented
  • Lifespan cycle costing
  • It is innovative
  • PPP has Participants
  • In PPP, risks are allocated
  • Relationships or partnerships are long-term
  • Here, Resources are shared between partners

Advantages of PPP

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the various advantages related to the PPP. As with everything, PPP has offered certain benefits. These advantages are the reasons behind using this system.

Moreover, under this system government often offers an early completion bonus. This means that if an organization finishes the project before the time they will receive a bonus. In addition to reduced tax costs, PPP also delivers superior quality standards. Plus, this system provides Excellent Infrastructure Solutions.

Furthermore, Public-private partnership directly translates to a better return on investments. Thus, one can say that it ensures that government investment is effective and efficient. Consequently, it also helps reduce budget Deficits. Moving on, we will be looking at the disadvantages of the same in the next section.

Disadvantages of PPP

In the previous paragraph, we looked at the various advantages of PPP. However, there are several disadvantages related to it too. Here, in this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the different disadvantages.

Moving on, the system of public-private partnership carries a considerable amount of risk for the private firm or private side of the alliance. In addition to this, PPP may also cause variability in profit. While on the government side of the alliance, PPP can raise their expenses. Thus, we can say that it is not always cost-effective.

Furthermore, the last yet serious advantage of PPP is that: it is too dependent on the private sector. Regardless, one can say that the advantages of PPP outweighs its disadvantage.

Moving on, we shall be looking at the List of PPP projects in the Singapore city-state in the next section of the sample essay.


Public-private partnerships are a viable option for governments that want to address their infrastructure needs. While some drawbacks exist, PPPs can be very effective in countries with large populations and small GDPs. Singapore is an excellent example of this as they have had great success implementing public-private projects that support the growth of its economy while also addressing social issues like affordable housing. If you’re looking for ways to improve your country’s economic situation, then it may pay off to invest time into researching how public-private partnerships could help you meet these goals.

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