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Updated on: 6th May 2023

Vaccination Against Covid-19 Risk Management Essay

We all know when the coronavirus pandemic broke out there was no cure for it. Adding to that, it took almost a year of trials and tests before a useable vaccine could be developed. Medical companies and governments all around the globe were working restlessly.

However, now that several vaccines are developed and are ready to use, this begs the question. Are they safe for people? If covid itself was not dangerous enough, there are some speculations that the vaccine carries some risk of itself.

There are various claims from different groups around the world of potentials harms from the vaccine.

So in this sample essay, we will discuss if the vaccine is safe or not. We will see if these vaccines have side effects and if they do what are they? This essay will also discuss which vaccines are approved by the Singapore government.

Finally, in the end, we will answer the question “Are the vaccines safe?” So let’s get started

Covid-19 Vaccination Campaign in Singapore

The vaccination campaign of Singapore is being led by the Ministry of Health (MOH) Singapore. The Health Science Authority (HSA) approved the vaccine named “Moderna” for public use. This vaccine was approved by the Singaporean authorities on 3 February of 2021.

It is noted that this vaccine is 94% effective against fighting the virus. This vaccine has been approved after the phase 3 trials on 30,000 people being aged between 18 and 94.

Moreover, the vaccine is to be provided to people older than 18 years of age only. The vaccination consists of 2 doses of the vaccine between time periods of 28 days.

MOH also said that vaccines will not be used on pregnant women and special cases as data on these cases are not available. This means that government does not know that how the will vaccine reacts in these particular cases.

Also, MOH stated that this vaccine is not halal under sharia as thought by some people. This claim was also supported by the Muslim council.

Normal reactions and side effects of Covid-19 vaccines

Everything including vaccines and medicines induces a reaction. This is because every human body is different and it is simply not possible for a vaccine to made for each person specifically. So it is natural for each person to have a different side effect to the vaccine.

Nevertheless, there are some reactions or side effects seen in the majority of people who are vaccinated.

Moving on to some of the common or normal reactions noted in the majority.  The reactions from covid-19 vaccine “Moderna” include fatigue, sourness in muscles, redness, and inflation where the injection was applied.

Headache, fever, aching in limbs are also common side effects of the vaccine and these will subside after some time.

However, these should not be confused as harmful symptoms. That is because these symptoms are signs that the vaccine is working and the body is fighting the virus.

Rare or serious side effects and reactions of Covid-19 vaccine

In addition to the common symptoms, we saw above there are some special cases where vaccines may cause some other side effects.

There are only a few such cases and the serious side effects are limited to allergic reactions or shocks and that too in isolated cases.

Special reactions can be caused due to a previous case of allergies or some underlying complications. These can come as a shock as not all the side effects are recorded due to the limitations of trials.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few such cases and there is yet to be recorded any fatal or life-threatening side effect from Moderna vaccine is usual cases.


Are covid-19 vaccines safe? The simple answer to this question is yes. As we saw above this vaccine is a 94% effect and there is no serious harmful side effects. The rare side effects noted are also only in isolated cases.

Plus, it is also deemed useable for Muslim ethnicity in Singapore by both the Muslim authorities and the Singapore government. Except for some exceptions, the vaccine is safe to use and there is nothing to fear.

FAQ about Covid-19 vaccine

How do mRNA vaccines work?

The COVID-19 vaccine consists of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) that carries instructions to make the spike protein of the virus.

After being given by intramuscular injection, the vaccine mRNA is taken up by cells which then produce the spike protein.

This stimulates the production of a good antibody and cellular immune response to the spike protein that protects the vaccinated person because the spike protein is an important part of the SARS CoV-2 virus. The mRNA is completely degraded within 48 hours of introduction to the human body.

Are mRNA vaccines a form of genetic modification?

No. The mRNA vaccine is in a form that is cannot be converted back to DNA. Since our human genome is made up of DNA, there is no possibility that the COVID-19 mRNA will interfere with or modify human DNA.

Are the COVID-19 vaccines halal?

The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has said that COVID-19 vaccines are permissible for Muslim use. Therefore it is not halal

Can you still get Covid after the vaccine?

The covid vaccine is 94% efficient in protection against covid 19. Therefore there are very slim chances of getting covid while the vaccine is in effect

Why is the Covid vaccine 2 dose?

The first shot is to get the immune system ready and the second dose is to strengthen the system.

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