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Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems Essay

This essay sample is based on Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems for Singapore students.  Here we will cover the Electrical energy systems: Definition, Types of electrical energy, Components of electrical energy systems, etc.

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Introduction- Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems Essay 

As the title implies, we shall be looking at the concept of “Electrical Energy systems” in this sample essay. Now, we all already know why electricity is important. In fact, most modern systems and structures are built around the use of electricity.

Moreover, these systems are much more than just wires connecting two points. If you are an engineering student, you must already have some idea of what we are talking about. We shall divide this Sample essay into different parts for the sake of clarity and simplicity.

Moving on, the layout of this essay shall be as mentioned here: Firstly we shall go through the definition of this system as it is important to understand before moving any further. Then we will be looking at the different types of electrical energy. We will discuss them in brief as well. Moving on, we shall look at the components of this system. So we shall start without further adieu:

Main body- Introduction to Electrical Energy Systems Essay

Electrical energy systems: Definition

The term “Electrical energy system” refers to a complex network of electrical components, which is used for various electrical energy-related purposes. The main purpose of this system is to effectively supply, transfer, and use of it.

That being said, the most common example of these systems can be seen in our day-to-day life. For instance, the power coming to our house, electrical appliances in our houses, and so on.

Moreover, the majority of these systems use Three-phase AC power. This can be seen almost everywhere in the modern world. However, specialized energy systems may not necessarily use Three-phase AC power. Examples of these can be seen in ocean liners, electric rail systems, aircraft, and so on.

Types of electrical energy

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be discussing different types of electrical energy. There are two different types of electrical energies. Namely:

  • Alternative current (AC)
  • Direct current(DC)

Now, the AC or alternating current is used almost everywhere. Why? Well, this is because the alternative current is known to be more stable as compared to DC. For some reason, AC current can travel long distances through an electrical system. On the other hand, DC is more compatible with electrical appliances. This is one of its advantages. However, there is no direct supply of DC. Rather we use devices to convert AC into DC. We will be looking at these in the next section.

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Components of electrical energy systems

An electrical energy system is a complex network of electrical components. Here, we will be discussing what those components are. So the components of the electrical energy system are as mentioned below:

  • Supplies
  • Loads
  • Conductors
  • Capacitors 
  • Power electronics
  • Protective devices

We will be discussing these components in brief below:


Every electrical energy system contains a power source. While in certain systems it can be an internal component. In another system, supply can be external. Examples of these are the following: batteries, photovoltaic cells, fuel cells, Nuclear reactors, hydroelectric power plants, and so on. 


In simple words, loads refer to electrical components that consume electrical energy. However, loads in technical terms are also used to denote loss of power in a circuit. Moreover, loads oppose the power source or supplies.


Conductors are materials that allow the flow of electricity. In an electrical energy system, conductors are responsible for carrying electricity from supply to load. The most common example of conductors is wired.


Capacitors are quite complex devices. These are used because AC due to its nature carries a lag with it. So passing AC through a capacitor removes this lag and makes it a continuous and linear supply.

Power electronics

Power electronics are devices based on semiconductors. The main function of these devices is to convert AC-to-DC. The most common example of this component is the rectifier. Moreover, these devices are quite common.

Protective devices

Protective devices in electrical systems are used to ensure safety during unprecedented situations. An example of this is a Fuse. Now, most of us already know what fuse is. However, Fuses are replaced with a more modern device known as MCB.

So these are the different components of an electrical system. In addition to the definition of the electrical system, we learn different types of currents. Lastly, we discussed the different components that make an electrical system in brief. With this, we conclude our sample essay.


The future of the power grid is here and we need to embrace it. It’s time for a new way forward that will enable us to produce more energy affordably, create good jobs, protect our environment and improve public health. We can’t go back; we must move ahead with renewable energy now!

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