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Mechanical Engineering Systems

Mechanical Systems are a huge part of our daily life, even without us knowing it. As such they can be seen working everywhere, be it your house or whole commercial buildings. Moving on, the concept of Mechanical Engineering Systems is an important one to understand for engineering students. Therefore, in this sample essay, we will be discussing the very sample topic I.e. Mechanical Engineering Systems.

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In order, to understand each aspect of this concept whole and well, we will be dividing it into parts for the sake of simplicity. Nevertheless, we will be including the following topics in this example essay: first and foremost we shall discuss the definition of Mechanical Systems as it is important to understand the later topics in the essay. Regardless, the next topic of discussion will be the three basics parts of mechanical systems. After which we will be looking at the application of same. Finally, we will be finishing the sample essay with examples of mechanical systems.

What are Mechanical Systems?

The term mechanical systems are used to define any systems that consist of moving components. As such anything with moving parts can be considered a mechanical system. There are the basic definitions of mechanical systems.

However, as per technical terms, for systems to be considered mechanical system, it must work to provide a mechanical advantage. Therefore, only a system consisting of several moving parts, which are moving in such a way that they are providing a mechanical advantage or any kind of advantage for that matter, can be considered a mechanical system.

We can describe mechanical advantage as a measure of force amplification by a mechanical system. Moreover, mechanical systems involve force, velocity, acceleration, mass, and so on.

Three elements of Mechanical Systems

Every mechanical system is made around three basic elements. A mechanical system can be a quite complex one, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of different moving parts, yet all of those parts work around these three basic elements. So we can say that no matter how simple or complex a mechanical system may be it is always based around these three mechanical systems.

Moving on, these three elements of the mechanical system are as mentioned below:


These three are the basic elements of a mechanical system. Moreover, these three always work in the order mentioned above and the order cannot be changed. This is because this is the systematic and natural order of a mechanical system and a system will not be able to work otherwise. We shall discuss these in brief below:

The input

As the name suggests, the input is any type of motion or force that drives a mechanical system. In other words, we can way that input provides the fuel for the working of a mechanical system. Regardless, there are several input methods includes human effort, wind force, water, steam, heat, and so on.

The process

Process, as the name implies is the part of a system where the input energy is converted into output motion or force. Moreover, the process is achieved with help of a mechanism or moving parts of the system.

The output

The output as we discussed in the “process” is the change of force of motion created in input energy using the process. The output is the part where the desired outcome is achieved. Moreover to receive the output is the main goal of a mechanical system.

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Benefits of Mechanical Systems

The benefits provided by the mechanical systems are numerous. So much so that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of a mechanical system completely. Nevertheless, the benefits of a mechanical system are as mentioned below:

  • Makes works easier
  • Faster working as compared to humans
  • Less energy is required to complete a task
  • More work is done with less force exerted
  • Provides several advantages includes the mechanical advantages
  • Has a variety of applications and uses
  • Saves time

These are some of the many benefits of mechanical systems. In the next section of the essay, we shall discuss the Examples of mechanical systems.

Examples of Mechanical Systems

In this section of the essay, we shall discuss the every day Examples of mechanical systems and where they are used. So without further adieu, the Examples and uses of mechanical systems are as mentioned below:

  • Vehicles
  • Water heaters and coolers
  • Electronic appliances
  • Elevators
  • Hardware components

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