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Airpower for the defence of small states like Singapore

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In this article, you will get an overview of Singapore’s air power, the importance of having strong airpower connections, the constraints that small Nations face, and the future of airpower. So let’s get into more details.

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Overview of Singapore air power

We all know that Singapore Is a Small Island. It has limited resources and space therefore, it has always supported International collaborations and cooperation.

Collaboration between air power is likely to provide benefits to Singapore in the longer term. In present times Singapore is currently active in making big buys for its small Island.

Singapore is spending $ 2.76 billion on joint strike fighter F-35, in a deal signed between the US government and Singapore.

The proposed deal also includes 

  • The Automatic Logistic information system (ALIS) used for various logistics functions and maintenance for mission planning 
  • The training equipment
  •  Communication systems and electronic warfare
  •  Whitney F 135 and 13 Pratt engines

Not just this, Singapore is also considering buying other systems required to protect its airspace and armed forces.

Importance of airpower to small states 

The defence policies need to focus on the objectives if they want to secure the nation’s securities and interests such as defending the nation and preventing it from war.

Singapore used its air power to defend its territorial waters and integrity.

  •  Any small nation-build effective airpower as a part of their defence strategy
  •  Collaboration with other countries on air power has in protecting their National Sovereignty
  •  For small Nations judicious requirements and air, power is required to be strengthened to increase their defence capabilities
  •  The air combat capability should be on the top priority as it is significant to protect the strategic and nation objectives

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Critical constants of small states air power

In this section, we will focus on the weakness and strength of the air power of the small nations.

  • Space constraint– small Nations need to overcome the space constraint by focusing on eliminating limited training airspace areas and local operating areas.
  • Diplomatic ties– the good political ties with neighbouring countries and defence deals in air power would help in maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Casualty constraint– many small nations have Limited population buildings and Housing, therefore, casualty to the population is a major concern. The development in airpower operations will strengthen the alliance of the country with the neighbouring nations.

By removing such constraints initially Singapore can achieve greater interoperability with many of the neighbouring countries.

it is good that Singapore is building its network of cooperative relationships to combat terrorism. It is working in the direction to save livelihoods and humanitarian operations.

Future of airpower to the small states

Let’s see what’s the future of airpower to the small states like Singapore

  • The design level of Defense Services are required in all functional areas related to air power such as air combat command and air defence operations
  • To bridge the gap between intelligence and operations. To conduct the operations in accurate and timely updates
  • To adopt effective logistics capabilities that will support operations effectively and responsibly
  • The air power needs to bridge the gap between various functional expertise areas and other services. 
  •  The Precision weapons if included in air power would be advantages in army success.

Individually a small Nation air power cannot do much. But collectively forming alliances and Groups with strong Nations can make them a powerful Nation.


Modern airpower is an essential weapon for small nations like Singapore.

The advantages of airpower involve speed, flexibility, and including weapons with lesser Collateral casualties. As we can see the airpower acts as the master key to achieving major military objectives.

A combination of military defence diplomacy, balanced armed forces, soft and hard power can become the best option for small nations like Singapore.

The strategy of airpower of small state will act as a deterrence to the surrounding countries and will provide effective front line defence.

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