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Airport Ground Handling Models and their advantages and disadvantages Essay Sample

The sample essay discusses on the topic of the advantages and disadvantages of different airport ground handling models. In this essay, we will discuss the different airport ground handling models, their advantages and disadvantages, all the different models, and so on.

First of all, we shall look at the definition of airport ground handling.

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Airport Ground Handling Model

The term refers to the servicing and handling of Aircraft will they are on the ground i.e. airport parked or otherwise. These services are cabin service, catering, ramp service, passenger service, and so on.

Moreover, all services between the arrival of the airplane and its departure are covered in ground handling. The lesser the ground time is, the more profitable it is for a service provider. Similarly,  speed, efficiency, and accuracy are decisive factors in minimizing around the time of an aircraft.

Furthermore, there are three models of ground handling used around the world which we will discuss below.

The Different Types of Ground Handling Models

The ground handling operations around the world are based on three different types of ground handling models. In this paragraph, we will discuss these three types and look at how one differs from others.

These three types are:

  1. The U.S. Model
  2. The EU Model
  3. The Third-party Model

Now let us discuss each model briefly and look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Starting from:

1. The U.S. Model

In the U.S. model of ground handling, the services and handling of operations are looked after by the airlines themselves. From cabin service to catering everything is handled by the airlines of respective planes.

Moving on, the advantages and disadvantages of this model of ground handlings are as discussed below:


  • The airlines can control the ground time of their aircraft; hence, controlling the profit and loss.
  • The passenger services are controlled by the airlines which provide them control over the customer base.


  • The high cost of ground handling services at different locations.
  • The difficulty of maintaining and provides services at airports around the globe or across several airports.

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2. The EU Model

In the EU model, the ground handling and servicing of airports are looked after by the airports instead of the respective airlines. So, irrespective of the owning airlines of aircraft, the airport is responsible for all ground operations concerning ground handling.

So let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of the following model.


  • The airports controlled ground services makes it easier for government to supervise activities at the airport.
  • Quality of services is similarly maintained along with the airport.


  • The airlines cannot control around time and it may be affected by actions of other flights and operations.
  • Also, airlines need to maintain contracts with various airports which could be expensive in the long run.

3. The Third-party Model

The third-party model is a mixture of both previous models. In this type of ground handling model, the handling and services are arranged by a third-party.

On top of that, this third party could be other airlines, airports, or independent companies. This model may be applied to a long term contract or need-based service.

Moving on, we will look at this ground handling model’s advantages and disadvantages


  • During an unprecedented situation, on-call service can be availed
  • Outsourcing the ground handling services is cheaper in the long run


  • The quality of service is not the same throughout the airports
  • The ground time can be affected by other factors

Lastly, with this, our sample essay is concluded.

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