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Engineering Materials Essay

This essay sample is based on Engineering Materials for Singapore students. We explain the Engineering material: Definition, Engineering materials properties, Importance of Engineering materials, Classification of Engineering Materials, Application of engineering materials, etc.

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Introduction- Engineering Materials Essay

In this sample essay, we will be going through the topic of “Engineering Materials” as suggested by the title. Engineering material plays a vital role in the world of engineering. In fact, one can say that there can not be engineering without these materials. As such we can not overestimate the importance of these materials. But why are they important? We will be answering this question and all your other doubts in this sample essay.

Moreover, if you are a Singaporean student of engineering of any sort, there are chances that you already know what it means. For some reason, this concept is quite an important one for you. In addition to the obvious, we shall be discussing every aspect of the concept in great detail. All of this shall add up to make a clear picture of the concept for you.

Furthermore, we shall be looking at this section in different parts. As a result, the structure of this sample essay shall be as following: Firstly, we shall be going through the definition of the engineering materials. Moving on, we will be looking at the importance of these materials in the field of engineering. Then we will be going through the classification of engineering materials.

So without further adieu, we shall start with the definition of engineering material which is as mentioned below:

Main body- Engineering Materials Essay

Engineering material: Definition

The term “engineering material” refers to a number of materials that are involved in the construction of man-made structures as well as components. Most of us rather all of us live around or in the structures made up of these materials. In the same fashion, all of us have already seen the uses of these materials.

Moreover,  every structure you see is made up of these materials. In fact, even electronic devices, toys, bags, clothes, etc are made up of these materials. In addition to providing the ability for construction, these materials are also known for withstanding extensive loads and not defecting while doing so. Moving on, we will be looking at the importance of the same, in the next section of the sample essay.

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Engineering materials properties

The mechanical properties of a material are what determines how well it can be shaped and Molded. Some typical strength, toughness (or hardiness), malleability/durability ratio’s for different types of metals; they’re all relative to one another.

Importance of Engineering Material

Above we read the definition of the engineering material. With that, we already have an idea about why Engineering materials. But we will be discussing it here in detail regardless. As we know, every manmade thing consists of engineering material. For that matter, without these, one can not build anything at all.

Moving on, we shall be looking at classification in the next section of the sample essay.

Classification of Engineering Material

In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at the classification of the engineering material. Basically, these materials are divided into two sections. Which are, as namely;

  1.  Metals
  2. Non-metals


Metals are usually defined using their properties: Metals are brittle, sonorous, malleable, and solid to touch. Moreover, they usually have high metalling points. Plus, they are good conductors of heat and electricity. For example steel, iron, gold, copper, etc.


None-metals can be defined as just the opposite of metals. Unlike the former one, none-metal may be solid or gaseous. Plus they are neither sonorous, brittle, or malleable. For instance glass, wood, fibers, polymers, and so on.

Application of engineering materials

These are used in packing, insulating materials, and covers. Example: Cotton synthetics like nylon or terylene; Thermoplastics such as PVC etc.; Composite compounds made of a mixture between metals and organic polymers that can be found on electrical devices like planes for instance bio-composite material which combines human cells with thermoplastics to make it stronger than both alone.”


The engineering materials used in a product will vary depending on the application. This can be broadly categorized as plastics, metals, composites, and ceramics. This example essay will focus primarily on those two categories of material types with some discussion of other products that may have different requirements for their engineering materials such as adhesives or sealants. In general, there are two common reasons to use one type over another – either based on cost or availability.

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