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ICT340 Application Analysis and Design Assignment SUSS Sample Singapore

The course ICT340 Application Analysis and Design provides students with the foundations for designing application systems that are based on object-oriented principles. The first part of this class covers key concepts such as structure models, dynamic modeling techniques to analyze software requirements in depth before moving onto programming languages like Java or C# which can be used outside university settings too!

The course also covers more advanced concepts such as design patterns, UML diagrams and developing enterprise applications. A number of assignments help you move from writing trivial code to full fledged application systems. In the second part of this course we will look at what’s new in C# 4, 5 and .NET vNext as well as explore some of the very interesting concepts around asynchronous programming, software transactional memory and data parallelism.

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Get assignment Sample For ICT340 Application Analysis and Design Assignment SUSS Module

The following questions are not learning outcomes, but rather just Sample questions that might be asked in the ICT340 Application Analysis and Design Assignment SUSS Module. If you ever receive such a set of assignments then do contact us for help with your studies in Singapore.

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Assignment Activity 1: Analyse user requirements for non-ambiguity, correctness, completeness and consistency for system design

Non-ambiguity, correctness, completeness and consistency are important for system design. A well-designed system will be unambiguous, correct, complete and consistent. This helps to ensure that users have a positive experience and that the system functions as intended.

A system is unambiguous when there is only one correct interpretation for any given symbol or string within the system. Ambiguity can occur when a system includes multiple symbols that represent the same value or when symbols have more than one meaning or significance. For example, if a well-designed vehicle odometer displays “000” then it should always display “000” and not any other number.

A system is correct when it behaves in the way that it was designed to behave. A system can be incorrect when it behaves in a different way than its designers intended, or when the behavior does not produce the results originally expected.

Assignment Activity 2: Develop the structural and dynamic models based on system design

Develop the structural and dynamic models based on system design might include determining external needs, such as flow of materials; developing inputs; generating outputs and preparing for standby. The following steps outline that info:

  • Designate an assembly line to either semi-automatic or manually operated. – Determine which machines should be installed in the production area and lines. – Designate a material handling station for loading raw materials, initial storage and transport to other components as needed. – Create flow channels for finished goods as well as stocking locations within the warehouse if appropriate. 
  • Sketch out metal detector posts to indicate entrance points where workers can enter at all times including break time for safety reasons. – Identify assembly points which use specialized products and tools. – Identify a disassembly area to pick up components.
  • Determine the number of workstations, locations and layout for station setup including both worker and manager stations if necessary.  Each station must have enough space for fixtures and product storage as well as include a certain amount of clearance to ensure safe operation at all times. – Label all machines and equipment with clear signage for easy identification.
  • Calculate the amount of storage required for finished goods, components, and materials.
  • Establish a transportation route from receiving to shipping and identify stops along the way.

Production layout is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to system design; you’ll also need to include how many employees will be involved, what their job is within the system, and any management details that come with the position.

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Assignment Activity 3: Appraise the associations among a set of classes as part of a structural processing

As part of a structural process, associations among a set of classes can be seen as the foundation for understanding how the system works. In other words, by understanding the associations among a set of classes, one can develop an understanding for how the system is structured and how it functions.

 Additionally, associations among a set of classes can be helpful in identifying patterns and relationships. For example, by analyzing the associations among a set of classes, one might be able to identify trends or commonalities that exist within the system. Doing so could then provide insights that could help improve or optimize the system.

When it comes to associations among a set of classes, there are two primary types:

1) Structural Associations and 2) Functional Associations.

Structural Associations refer to the ways in which the classes are related to each other structurally. That is, they refer to the relationships that exist among the classes based on how they are “structured”. Functional Associations refer to the relationships that exist among the classes based on their specialized behaviors.

Functional Associations are the most important type of association when it comes to understanding how a system works. That’s because Functional Associations are what define how the classes within the system interact with each other.

Assignment Activity 4: Demonstrate the application of design patterns in system design

Design patterns are commonly applied in system design to improve code modularity and organization. In addition, design patterns can also be used to make code more reusable and efficient. By using design patterns, developers can communicate more effectively about the structure of a system and its components.

Some common design patterns that are often used in system design include the facade pattern, the adapter pattern, and the observer pattern. The facade pattern is used to provide a unified interface to a complex subsystem. The adapter pattern is used to convert one interface into another, while the observer pattern is used to allow objects to subscribe to notifications from other objects.

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Design patterns are often associated with object-oriented programming. However, design patterns can also be applied in other programming paradigms, such as procedural and functional programming.

Assignment Activity 5: Construct components of a system with a modelling language

A modelling language is a set of symbols and rules used to construct models of real-world objects or systems.

There are many different types of modelling languages, but all share some common features. They typically consist of a set of symbols that represent the components of the system being modelled, and a set of rules that dictate how the symbols can be combined to create a model.

Modelling languages can be used to model anything from simple systems, like a single object or event, to complex systems made up of many interacting parts. They are particularly useful for simulating the behaviour of complex systems in order to test hypotheses or determine what-if scenarios.

One of the most popular modelling languages is Simulink, which is used to model and simulate systems in the field of control engineering. Other notable modelling languages include UML (used for software engineering) and R (used for statistical analysis)

Assignment Activity 6: Implement structural and dynamic model in Python

There are many different structural and dynamic modeling software programs out there, but Python is a great language for implementing them because it’s open source and has a lot of libraries that allow for robust programming. Plus, Python is relatively easy to learn for beginners.

One popular structural modeling software is SAP2000, which is used for civil engineering and earthquake engineering. It allows users to create 3D models of structures, and then analyze their behavior under various loads. Python can be used to program the analysis algorithms used in SAP2000.

Another structural modeling software program is ANSYS, which is used for a wide range of applications, from modeling aircraft wing design to designing parts for NASA. In fact, ANSYS is used by almost all major aerospace companies and it’s the preferred structural analysis software by NASA . JPL even has an open source Python plugin that can be used to implement some of their algorithms in Python.

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