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GES1003 Changing Landscapes of Singapore NUS Assignment Sample

For the students who want to pursue their career in geography and planning must enroll in GES1003 changing landscapes of Singapore course which is offered by National University of Singapore (NUS). In fact the learners who are pursuing this course are asked to do various NUS assignments as a part of their assessment techniques.

Thus here you can find changing landscapes of Singapore assignment sample for your reference as required for Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) and Final Year Project (FYP).

Final exams and assessments are divided in the ratio of 60:40 therefore these assignments become important from the perspective of securing good marks.

Students often ask about what does changing landscape means and the topics on which they would be writing their assessments.

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About changing landscape of Singapore

Changing landscapes focuses on both physical terrain and social changes in modern Singapore. From the perspective of geographer’s landscape development are possible due to historical circumstances and changes in social arrangements.

We are providing a synopsis so that students can gain an idea about the course structure and topics they would be required to write assignments on.

Synopsis of GES1003 changing landscapes of Singapore

  • In this module students have to analyze various political, social economic and cultural dynamics that have led to changes in Singapore landscape
  • Understanding the reasons behind changes that occurred in Singapore landscapes
  • Focusing on the factors since Independence that has affected Singapore development
  • Analyzing the Global Trends and policy being formulated
  • Focusing on how Singapore will develop new connections to strengthen its position in the Global market
  • Understanding of how Singapore is sustaining its economy even after having integral links with other South East Asian countries

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Topics of changing landscapes of Singapore

Students may be asked to write assignments on GES1003 changing landscapes of Singapore quoting various examples.

Topics may include Singapore business, environment, and physical landscapes, social and cultural landscapes, Tourism and national landscapes. Other main areas are

  • Rediscovering the changing landscapes of Singapore and its Urban Development
  • Mobilization and conservation of Heritage
  • Evolution and development of public housing
  • Environment and evolving nature
  • Remaking of the City Centre which is the heart of Singapore
  • Population ageing
  • Terrorism being intercepted and unearthed
  • Global networks and local transformations
  • Making Singapore as ‘Global arts City’ by improving its infrastructure, arts, education and administrative organizations
  • Making Singapore the most appealing tourism destination
  • Skyline of Singapore has been altered to make it as a global landmark
  • Launching of iconic projects and many jobs in services sectors

Students might think about educational learning while writing assignments on these topics related to Singapore.

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Educational lessons of GES1003

On completion of assignments and course on GES1003 changing landscapes of Singapore, students will have knowledge on how Singapore has transformed drastically over years.

Students would gain insights into geographical and historical trends that it has led Singapore to become world class City.

How Singapore has pulled it from being just an island to a dramatic transformation by becoming world’s best.

Furthermore, these kinds of assessments would help Singaporean students in acquiring knowledge of their own country Singapore.

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