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FIN545 Technological Innovations in Finance Assignment Sample SUSS

FIN545 Technological Innovations in Finance Assignment Sample SUSS.

The assignment sample envisages the topic of technological innovation in finance that describes the innovation aspect in the finance sector. And technological innovation that takes place in the finance sector is also known as fintech business and incorporated in the finance industry.

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The fintech business comes into the role when any technological innovation takes place in the finance sector, bringing new technologies, etc. The module design to disseminate the different aspects of technological advancements and how such evolution takes place in the finance industry.

The module describes the changes and modification took place in the financial sector and how such business disruption influences the mechanism of the finance system. The course involves the financial innovation, inclusion, future of crypto assets or currency, machine learning in investment strategies, etc

In this assignment sample, the module incorporates quantitative trading and passive investment that enable the students to design business models in the finance industry by integrating innovations.

The module provides a historical overview of the delivery of financial services along with a thorough discussion of financial investment products and wealth management. To maintain the balance between risk and regulatory changes,

the course enables the students to examine and critique the long-term sustainability of business models. The course provides a brief overview as to formulate the investment opportunities and strategies for new financial products.

FIN545 Technological Innovations in Finance Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students enable to learn technological innovation in finance with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Critique the rise of the fintech phenomenon, as well as the merits, opportunities, and cost of new business models.

Fintech is the combination of finance as well as technology that is dominated by digitalization in the past few years. The evolution of fintech gain momentum from the emergence of information technology, and digitization. The fintech phenomenon provides opportunities to the students to resolve and face the challenges of traditional financial service providers.

The assignment sample discusses the merits as well as disadvantages of fintech phenomena that now become a controversial issue among academicians, investors, professionals, researchers, and others. The finance sector that is majorly all about the banking sector has changed significantly and undergone a drastic transformation from traditional to contemporary practices.

Fintech represents the current innovations in a technological world that provide support in the finance sector. Fintech ensures transparency, new opportunity, efficiency, reducing cost, increasing manpower, etc and this assignment module describes the significance and how it helps in providing new opportunities. It is noteworthy that the investment in fintech companies and startups has risen tremendously in past few years.

2.Appraise the importance of financial literacy in a world with new financial products

The technological innovation in finance laid down special emphasis on economic growth with the introduction of new financial products. The course is aimed at furnishing financial literacy to the students who wish to pursue their career in the finance field and driving the work with new financial products that reduce the risk and cost.

From making the transaction online to evolve the financial system, as well as market, digitalized, the importance of financial literacy cannot be ignored. The assignment explains the significance of financial literacy in the market and environment and social variables that affect the financial market as well.

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3.Assess the opportunities and challenges faced by fintech businesses, as well as the adaptions and changes to the business models of incumbent banks.

The assignment sample discusses various challenges faced by fintech businesses and enables the student to deal with the issues amicably. Financial technology in finance or Fintech faces a lot of challenges in the implementation of the same.

As an instance, the introduction of fintech considerably changes the customer’s demand and expectations in the market. Fintech businesses need to familiar with the current global system and facing new institutions in managing regulatory risk in the business models.

The fintech business is governed via such regulations and frameworks as anti-money laundering and KYC formulated by the laws and regulations.

4.Formulate investment opportunities and strategies for new financial products.

The module prepares the students to appropriate the technological innovation in the financial field and develop the investment opportunities accordingly. Such opportunities not only open the gate for economic development but also provide momentum in economic growth and development.

With the help of robust strategies for new financial products like crypto, mutual, stick, etc investors can able to examine the long-term sustainability in such new business models. In this solved assignment, the students learn how to design business models in the finance industry and blend the same into existing models.

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