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FIN523 Wealth Management and Investment Products Assignment Sample SUSS

FIN523 Wealth Management and Investment Products Assignment Sample SUSS

In this assignment sample, the topic of wealth management and investment product is discussed with the focus on the toolbox that is a major concern of wealth managers.

This toolbox is the core aspect in investment products and mechanisms in the global market so to obtain the optimal investment with a high-risk appetite. Manage wealth is one of the toughest tasks to handle for any organization and to allocate and distribute the same in the appropriate place is a must in wealth management.

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This course was designed to spread awareness and knowledge among the students regarding investment, risk, insurance, trust, mutual funds, etc. The course aims at structured wealth management by allocating it to different and secured investments.

The module enables the students to comprehend the instruments and investment products in fixed income, mutual, insurance, real assets, liquidity, commodities such as Gold, silver, etc. The course embodies family wealth management and how to structured and transfer family wealth to distinct investment instruments.

There are abundant investment orifices available in the market but choosing the most appropriate product is the major concern in the family office and all such investment, their characteristics, features, and components thoroughly explained in this course. The module also explains the structure of such investment products and most importantly their returns, indeed every investment is done with the aim of a higher return from it.

FIN523 Wealth Management and Investment Products Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students enable to understand the wealth management and investment product with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Assess the universe of traditional investment instruments and products.

The universe of investment products embodies all the major concepts and products that are being offered to investors for investing their capital to increase the same. The investment products are based on an underlying security that is being done to obtain a higher return from it.

It is the or expression that is used for all forms of products such as stocks, shares, commodities, debentures, mutual, insurance, bonds, derivatives, etc with the hope of earning higher returns and profit. Many investment products enter the market to help the investors to meet short term as well as long term investment goals and certain investment products based on the higher the risk higher will be the gain.

2.Examine various financial derivatives and structured products

In this assignment sample, the module explains the various types of financial derivates and the structured products that help the investors to manage their wealth effectively.

Derivatives are the investment product that found its basis as per the movements occurred in the market such as put or call option in the stock market. And this assignment explains all such financial derivatives that enable the student to procure the investment appropriately. Because investment in derivatives is quite complex requires market knowledge and experience furnished by this module.

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3.Appraise different types of alternative investments and their attractiveness to family wealth management.

In the umbrella of investment products, there is a long list of products that structured in various ways and this assignment describe all such alternative investment such as ETFs, mutual funds, stock, annuities, and a lot more. Every investment product substantially works on a distinct structure and investors with an extensive study of the fundamentals can easily be dominated by it.

Certain studies have shown the alternative investment products that attract family wealth management as the most important factor in family wealth is security and higher return.

Bonds are one of the best options in such cases as it is known as a fixed income investment product that offered by the government or public institution to raise capital from the public. The investment could also be done in form of a portfolio of bonds handled by the portfolio manager.

4.Evaluate the risk and reward profile of various investment instruments and products, and how the products could be applied to meet the investment objectives of specific customers.

In this assignment sample, the module discusses various investment product, instruments, structure, and the risk that such product holds. The assignment sample enables the students to design investment solutions for the customer so that they could able to gain their optimal return from investments.

Various strategies could be applied so that products could bestow the desired investment objective to their potential customers. The module prepares the students to build an investment portfolio that could able to scrutinize the risk appetite of the customers and to meet the same. The module furnishes academic as well as practical knowledge to the students.

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