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FIN521 Financial System, Financial Markets and Financial Supervision Assignment Sample SUSS

FIN521 Financial System, Financial Markets and Financial Supervision Assignment Sample SUSS.

The module FIN52 Financial system, financial markets, and financial supervision incorporate the concept of finance that enables the students to understand how the financial system works and the mechanism of the financial sector.

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As to understand the current position of the market and to know the fundamentals of any institution, the financial system, market, and supervision play a major role.

To achieve the objective set by the institution, it is important to understand what financial supervision is all about and how the finance sector affects the business and operation of financial institutions.

As financial sector plays an indispensable role in determining the financial stability of the economy and this module explains the finance, financial sector, mechanism, and its supervision that helps it monitor the finance-related activities in the state.

The module also expressly deals with the overview of the financial system and functions of financial markets along with the methods for financial sector development.

To understand the financial system, this module elaborates on how the monetary policies govern the rate of interest, CRR, SLR, fiscal policy, bank rates, etc. It provides an overview of financial supervision and regulation along with how such monetary policies affect the economic development of the state.

The course was designed to provide overall financial knowledge and dynamics of financial development to the students or professionals of finance. It also explains the balance in addressing the financial issues and provides the means for financial innovation for development.

With the help of financial case studies, the student understands the core aspect of financial innovation, stability, and investor protection along with the knowledge as to the banking industry.

FIN521 Financial System, Financial Markets and Financial Supervision Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students able to understand the financial sector with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Appraise the role of the financial system and financial markets

In this assignment sample, the module for the financial market provides the function of the financial system. The financial market is the place where the dealings, trading, and transaction of securities take place and incorporates several financial markets.

The assignment sample describes such financial markets and some of them are stock, forex, bond, etc and such trading occurred in all forms of financial markets. The financial market lay a crucial role in economic development and if the market falls then economic development hampers and may cause recession, unemployment, rise in poverty level.

On the other hand, the financial system is the institution and organization that are about banks, companies for a mutual fund, insurance, stock and allow the trading in the same. The financial system operates on certain rules and regulations that govern the trading in the financial market.

2.Critique the impacts of financial regulation and monetary policy on the financial markets and financial institutions.

The financial market and institution are run by se real policies such as monetary policy, fiscal policy, and the financial rules and regulations formulated by apex financial institutions of the state.

The assignment sample explains the effects down of such financial regulation on the financial market and how such rules dominate the market. The investment is majorly affected by such financial policies as determining the interest rate, fluctuations in stock, cash reserve ratio, statutory liquid ratio, etc.

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3.Evaluate the regulatory concern for consumer protection and the need for a fine balance between financial innovations and development on one hand, and investor protection and stability on the other.

In this assignment sample, the financial market incorporates financial innovation and development in the finance sector. Technological innovation shapes the finance sector in a new way and provides stability on the other hand.

The module enables the students to assess the general trend and development of the financial market. The assignment sample ascertains the values and ethics of financial innovations and wealth management.

Such management helps the customers to obtain suitable products and construct business plans for a banking institution. Such business models help the institution to manage the function of the institution as far as the financial system is concerned.

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