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ENVS 3750 - Industrial Ecology for EOHS UON assignment sample Singapore

ENVS 3750 – Industrial Ecology for EOHS UON assignment sample Singapore

Ecosystems are the best examples of highly complex and diverse systems that operate at near maximum efficiency. Many of their component parts function cooperatively or symbiotically, they use energy well, produce little waste, and adapt easily to change.

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After probing some key properties with this course we will move on to interpreting workplace settings in an ecological sense too; through lectures case studies and group work various operations will be examined as if ecosystems themselves were being looked at closely – suggesting how efficiency can increase safety while considering what needs must still be met for long-term sustainability .

There are parallels to the interconnections and synergies that operate within ecosystems, as well as between them. A key component for success is how we can properly assess the connections within our local settings; where they exist, why they have come about, and what effects might arise from changing a particular element or process.

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At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Industrial Ecology for EOHS module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Describe an ecosystem and analyse it in terms of its components and explain the connections between them.

An ecosystem is an environment that consists of living and non living components, including the atmosphere, soil, fresh water and organisms. An ecosystem features flows where energy is transferred from one element to another in order to keep its natural balance.

The knowledge we obtain from studying ecosystems can help humans manage land use in a more sustainable manner and understanding that key principles govern how each form of life interacts with its surroundings.

Split into four major components- climate, biosphere (species composition), geology (soil) and atmospheric conditions – the first feature that affects an ecology would be geographical location due to factors such as altitude which might affect temperature or rainfall levels due to proximity to a coastline or inland area etc.

Secondly, other elements include time which determines the flux of energy in the ecosystem through factors such as seasons, day and night or annual plant growth cycles which are then followed by animal activity.

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Industrial Ecology for EOHS is a complicated science that blends together many disciplines related to engineering, chemistry and biology. When studying Industrial Ecology for EOHS module at university you will learn about topics like pollution prevention using cleaner production processes, waste management and recycling, alternative electricity generation methods including renewable energy sources (eg solar panels) and micro combined heat and power systems.

2.Explain the energy flows and waste streams in a complex ecosystem.

A complex ecosystem, such as the rainforest, can present a challenge to understand because there may be many interacting and interdependent organisms. Let’s break it down into smaller pieces to see how they work together.

There are two types of energy flow in a complex system like the tropical rainforest: One is then input or energy flow from outside sources that enters the system, supplies all the other ecosystems within and eventually exits (like sunlight); The other type is where there is internal input or an exchange of energy between processes within this complex community of living things.

These types of feedback loops can either be constructive – sustain or amplify – or destructive – limit growth by balancing opposing processes necessary for life on earth.

3.Describe a workplace or an industrial setting from an ecological perspective.

An ecological perspective of a workplace or industrial setting is that it’s part of an ecosystem. As such, it cannot be separated from its surrounding environment which must also be understood and managed, especially the things that would normally cause negative externalities to human health like pollution. Indeed, the term ecology applies to both natural environments as well as technological ones.

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Ecological science looks at changes in ecosystems in terms of two primary dimensions: ecosystem services and biodiversity. Ecosystem services encompass physical processes needed for life including water purification, food production and energy transformation while biodiversity includes levels of organism populations within the system whose variety helps with stability (such as different types of predators).

To put these dimensions into practice in an industrial setting or a workplace means finding ways to conserve natural resources and being more aware of how the work we do affects our environment.

An example is how a paper mill would look at optimizing its production processes so it uses less water or energy, contributes to the local economy by providing employment opportunities and does not pollute nearby bodies of water.

4.Apply an industrial ecological approach to critically evaluate a workplace or an industrial process for ways to improve energy use and decrease the waste stream.

An industrial ecological approach to critically examine a workplace is the inquiry and understanding of how workers operate within an organizational setting. This desired outcome requires understanding five points: observed work, work design, organization structure, goal complexity and human resources management.

A good way to assess whether a workplace uses an industrial-ecological approach is to examine how it defines its key strategies, methodologies, and measures.

Industrial ecology seeks systematic integration of the environmental, economic and social aspects with best practice management.

The three common design features of Industrial Ecological workplaces are reduced dependencies on exploitive resources such as extraction or toxic chemicals; increased resource productivity by using substances that exhibit higher rates of durability; and material recycling as the central strategy for managing debris.

5.Demonstrate an understanding of the connection between the broader environment and relevant components of workplace health and safety relative to the concept of ecosystem health.

It is important to consider both local and global environmental conditions when evaluating individual wellbeing.

For example, if you were considering your health as an individual in isolation from the broader environment, then you may misdiagnose it or miss warning signs that there are larger factors at play in your body’s wider context that might be playing a significant role in your symptoms.

Conversely, if you only looked at global changes without taking into account the particulars of your lifestyle choices (e.g., diet) and other variables specific to your situation (e.g., injury), then these changes can appear more extreme than they actually are or might not seem meaningful enough to warrant any consideration for possible intervention–when intervention could actually produce significant benefits in health and wellbeing.

An example of this broad context is the idea that medical treatments may not always work as intended and in certain cases, they can actually make things worse. This concept is recognized in a theory known as hormesis where small doses of toxins or other harmful substances produce positive health effects when administered within a well-designed dose response curve (i.e., an incremental increase or decrease in toxin dosage over time).

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6.Be able to undertake a case study in evaluating a process or industry from an industrial ecological perspective with a view to proposing recommendations for lower environmental impacts.

We can undertake a case case study in evaluating a process or industry from an industrial ecological perspective with a view to proposing recommendations for lower environmental impacts.

In a study carried out by the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) in Australia, it found that bicycles and public transports were the least polluting forms of transport per passenger kilometre.

This is because they do not produce any harmful gases while operating. However, this does not mean that bicycles are free from environmental impacts since they require construction materials such as steel, aluminum and rubber; these have detrimental effects on ecosystems while extracted.

There is also greenhouse gas produced during manufacturing of bicycles which needs to be considered when calculating its overall impact on the environment. Therefore, there should always be an assessment of both positive and negative impacts for all industrial processes or human activities.

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