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ENVS 2620 - Biosciences for EOHS UON assignment sample Singapore

 ENVS 2620 – Biosciences for EOHS UON assignment sample Singapore

Introducing the student to a world of changes, both internally and externally. Taking into account environmental factors that lead us down certain paths in life while also acknowledging our natural defense mechanisms as well as how reproduction is an integral part of health!

The basic components are not only animal cells, but human anatomy too. Learning about your body’s major defensive systems can broaden one’s knowledge on why some diseases occur more often than others.

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this information could be used for prevention or treatment purposes going forward which may prove useful when it comes time to make decisions related to occupational hazards or exposure risks you might face outside work hours after graduation.

TOA,TMA,GBA Assignment sample of Biosciences for EOHS module UON Singapore

 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn Biosciences for EOHS module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.Describe the ultra-structure of cells and outline the functions of major organelles;

The ultra-structure of cells is structurally no weaker than a muscle tissue. Cells have rigid and elastic cell walls with pores that allow for all the necessary cellular functioning to continue on the inside.

This includes transporting nutrients into the cells through endocytosis, which occurs when particles or substances are surrounded by endosomes and then transported in an enclosed membrane called vesicle, among other intra-cellular functions).

As a consequence of certain metabolic processes, many macromolecules such as sugars produced from food may accumulate within some organelles. Free radicals may also accumulate in mitochondria, impairing their function. The accumulation in these organelles can cause them to enlarge (become dilated) and produce cytoplasmic inclusions and, ultimately, can lead to cell death.

2.Describe, using examples, the organisation of cells into tissues, organs and organisms;

There are three main levels of organisation that cells take as they work together to form tissues, organs and organisms. The first level is called the elementary organization. In this organisation cells exist simply as individual entities not organised into a group or cluster.

This makes them easy for us to understand but in reality none of our bodily cells live without human contact with other human cells – we all have an innate need for physical intimacy just at some level and so many of our cellular interactions are likely due to proximity rather than nurturing from an external source such as air or water.

So then we come onto the next step up which is a tissue in which there is more specialization where one type of cell isn’t dominant over another but instead different types dominate depending on the kind of tissue.

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For example in muscle tissues, the dominant type of cell is a myocyte, which comprises mainly of contractile filaments and also contains mitochondria for producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate). In adipose cells, or fat cells, there are many fat molecules present around structures called very-small-round-structures (VSR).

3.Explain with examples homeostasis;

Homeostasis is the process in which your body regulates and stabilizes internal conditions by balancing various agents.

For example, with blood sugar levels, there are two sets of hormones in your body that will work to maintain healthy levels: insulin and glucagon. Insulin pushes excess glucose into cells for use as fuel or storage, whereas glucagon increases blood glucose levels when they dip too low from stressors such as physical exercise.

Local perfusion (the flow of liquid through a bodily tissue) is also regulated by homeostasis to maintain an average value for different organs at different temperatures.

4.Outline the processes of cell  respiration;

Cell respiration is a process in which cells use oxygen to extract energy for the body from the food they have eaten.

For example, proteins are broken down into amino acids and then converted into glucose. Mitochondria located in cells provide oxygen, converting it to CO2 and releasing it outside of the cell and listing electrons as PQ on its way out. Through aerobic cycles, these electrons help power each specialized enzyme that does 3 separate things:

  • Protein synthesis– creating more protein needed by cells ( key process)
  • Sugar production– breaking down sugars like glucose or fructose
  • Amino acids production– break down need for amino acids like tryptophan

As we grow older, our life span shortens because the ability of our body’s cells to carry out the processes of respiration is reduced. This process can be measured through a test called the respirometer that measures the oxygen intake and its efficiency at converting them into energy within live tissues such as air sacs, liver or hearts.

5.Describe the structures and functions of major systems in the human body concerned with the intake of materials and information; transport and distribution of materials; nervous and hormonal communication; movement; breakdown and metabolism of materials;  excretion, body defence and reproduction.

We can describe the structures and functions of major systems in the human body concerned with the intake of materials and information as follows:

  • Digestive system– the main purpose is to breakdown food into simple molecules that are then absorbed in our body.
  • Respiratory system– keeps us alive by taking in oxygen so that cells can produce energy from digested nutrients and releasing CO2 which is also a product of aerobic respiration.
  • Skeletal/muscular/ectoderm system– the skeletal structure helps protects all major organs, flexes joints for movement, provide attachments for skeletal muscles, ectodermal layer gives protection to skin and aids in touch sensations; nervous system-the most important functions are sensation and transmission of impulses.

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The latter involves relaying messages along nerves through electrical signals called action potentials (AP), hormonal communication which is done by hormone secretion from endocrine gland like pituitary glands, hypothalamus, thyroid gland etc., movement is controlled mostly by skeletal muscle, muscles are striated which means that it is arranged in parallel filaments made up of 2 types of fibers called slow twitch and fast twitch.

Muscles contract when stimulated by the nervous system for them to shorten and pull on bones. Breakdown and metabolism of materials involves nutrients taken in through ingestion being broken down into subunits that can be absorbed and metabolized  by cells to produce energy in the form of ATP.

Excretion involves several organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin that all have different roles in getting rid of unwanted substances.

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