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OHSE 3710 International Perspectives on EOHS assignment sample UON Singapore

OHSE 3710 International Perspectives on EOHS assignment sample UON Singapore

The international perspective on environmental and occupational health and safety is explored in this paper. It provides an internationally contextual understanding of the scope of EOHS, how global economic climates can impact developments such as these, and who some key organizations involved are-like ILO or WHO.

It provides a global context for understanding what is happening to EOHS, how politics are impacting the issue, and also looks at who’s involved in these organizations like ILO or WHO that deal with this topic all over world.

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This course was designed to enhance student’s international perspectives on EOHS, which is a critical skill for current and future managers responsible for overseeing global operations.

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TOA,TMA, GBA Assignment sample of International Perspectives on EOHS module UON Singapore

 At the end of this course, Singaporean students will be able to learn International Perspectives on EOHS module with the help of the following learning outcomes:

1.To  provide an international context for examining the scope of occupational and environmental health and safety;

There are many countries that provide very little oversight or regulation of the occupational safety and health field and there are equally as many people in these sectors. This makes occupational health issues quite prominent in these countries. Occupational health problems vary country by country but the common themes include noise, stress, chemicals etc.

Lack of basic protection equipment is another problem with lower income groups, something often overlooked by governments and other employers due to a lack of an administrative framework to address it.

Another hindrance is that labor unions are practically non-existent in some regions like Africa and thus powerlessness by workers means they have no bargaining power when things go wrong at work while those with good pay packets can afford to cushion themselves against injury or conditions at work through their own healthcare plan.

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2.To  explore the function of international organizations such as ILO and WHO;

In a world today where international collaboration and action are needed more than ever for global challenges, the United Nations produces the ILO and WHO which work to improve labor welfare and public health respectively.

The organizations share many of the same goals as they believe in a two way system of assessment- you need to not only improve life conditions abroad, but also invest in these areas at home to stop them from trying to seek assistance internationally.

Therefore, their first order is to work on all legislation that has changed since 1948 with respect to protection of women’s rights and who can be put into forced labor.

Secondly, they both concentrate on general employment standards such as minimum wages paid per day or week (not per hour), worker safety issues like transportation or unwarranted changes to wages and working conditions, freedom of association for workers (to group together or unionize if needed), health insurance coverage etc.

3.To  examine EOHS issues in a global context and the role of specified countries and/or global organizations in EOHS development;

Environmental issues come into play on a global level with emissions from one country contaminating the air of other nations. In many poorer countries, environmental protection efforts are stifled in favor of improving economic growth and those countries are criticized for not agreeing to emission reduction targets required by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which oversees international climate negotiations.

However, some developing economies argue that they would need large-scale help to meet their goals and should be compensated for reducing emissions so that they can continue on a path towards economic security just as industrialized countries received assistance in transitioning away from fossil fuels when pollution controls were legislated years ago.

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4.Provide an opportunity for self-directed learning of a specified international EOHS  issue.

It is important that the opportunities to learn about EOHS issues are available and accessible for everyone.

Workers in any sector (including jobs which involve higher levels of risk, such as mining) need to be informed about their environment, as well as controlling hazards and using personal protective equipment. This information needs to be made readily available – all workers should have access at work or through online materials.

Employers should make sure workers understand how their environment impacts them on a long-term basis, not just short-term effects (such as heat stroke). Without these resources, employers will continually face turnover when employees who don’t understand why they’re being told “no” quit in frustration.

5.Work effectively as part of a team or group to achieve a shared goal.

To work effectively as part of a team or group to achieve a shared goal, plan ahead for what needs to be communicated in order for the team to sync on goals and deliverables. Communication is key and requires active participation from all stakeholders involved- not just managers.

Make sure everyone has the information they need before it’s their turn to do something, so that there are no surprises that might cause someone to drop out of the process.

Also, know how much each person can take on at one time. Sometimes hand-offs might be necessary when there aren’t enough hands (or soon enough can’t deal with everything on their plate).

For example, if tasks are coming fast and getting messy with incomplete work being left behind because you can’t fit it in the day’s schedule, then maybe two people need to work on the task instead of one.

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