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OHSE3640 Research methods for EOHS  Assignment Sample Singapore

OHSE3640 Research methods for EOHS  Assignment Sample Singapore

This assignment sample educates the students to learn about research and its various methods to conduct it effectively. In this course, OHSE3640 research methods entail various methodologies with the help of which students can accomplish their research with fruitful results.

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For finishing any research with productive results, researchers need to ensure many aspects from choosing the most appropriate topic to executing it with the value results. The assignment sample plays a significant role for the learners who wish to pursue their career in the research field and explain the connection between the environment and human health.

In the field of environmental and occasional health, the research gives an in-depth understanding of in and outs of such a stream. This would further help the professional to discover distinct facets in the health and safety branch. This assignment sample can be noted by any undergraduate or postgraduate students who wish to avail a professional degree in research methods for the environment and occupational health.

The course discusses the factors that affect human health positively or negatively. It also explains how the environment plays a dominant role in determining human health.

The course chief objective is to ascertain research methods for the subject and entail the skills to conduct such methods. It furnishes the application to analyze risk management and resolve health problems with the help of distinct case studies. In this course, the students learn about research development and made choices in regards to the methodologies.

OHSE3640 Research Methods For EOHS Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, the learners will be able to apply the research methods with the help of the following learning outcomes:-

1.Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the environment and human health.

This course OHSE364 research methods encompass the link between environment and human health. As the environment plays a key factor in influencing human health and with the help of proper and systematic research methods, the experts could conclude how it dominates human health.

There are various studies and research methodologies that have been conducted in such aspect and this course explain the background of such research work. The course envisages the methods and approaches of such research work that assist the students to ascertain the most appropriate means to accomplish the study.

In this module, the students establish an understanding of the relationship between the environment and human health. The module confers knowledge to the learners about various environmentalists who successfully execute different studies in the field and drawn the results thereof.

2.Apply knowledge of epidemiology to the review of routine environmental and occupational health data relating to exposures to health outcomes.

The course research methods stimulate the knowledge to review different research strategies and adopt the most effective research ideas for routine environmental and occupational health data.

The divulgence of various chemical and physical components present in the environment influences human health and this course demonstrates the knowledge that whether the environment has a direct or indirect link in exposure to health outcomes.

The course enables the students to pay the assessment methods to determine the exposures of environmental epidemiology research. The course forms a substantial part in ascertaining health outcomes due to exposures found in the environment. Environmental epidemiology is the research method based on hypotheses that assess the population in connection with health and chemical and biological factors.

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3.Describe the various environments that can influence human health (eg, indoor and outdoor air, food, water.)

The well-known aspect that environmental conditions affect human health and such factors involve a wide range of chemical and physical components found in the atmosphere. Kt could be air, water, food, pollutants, natural disaster, etc.

Yet, it becomes crucial to ascertain the impact of such components on human health and with the help of proper research strategy, students will able to evaluate the consequences.

From inhaling the oxygen to consume food and water, and from climate change to the occurrence of natural disasters, the course describes various environmental factors that influence human health.

4.Discuss the basic steps in health risk assessment as it applies to the environment.

The course incorporates research methods to determine and ascertain the probability of health issues due to exposures found in the environment. With the help of specific research-based studies, health risk assessment can be reckoned and human health can be contemplated.

Health risk management comprises of ascertaining steps such as hazard identification, dose-response assessment, exposure assessment, and risk characterization. With the research methods educated in this course, the students can estimate the exposure level.

5.Appraise critically the environmental and occupational health literature.

In this course, the students learn to evaluate environmental and occupational human health with the help of different kinds of literature and review of the same. The literature review helps the students in ascertaining the best research means to draw a fruitful result. The adverse effect on humans.

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