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Administer WSH Policy (Workplace Safety and Health Policy) Assignment Sample Singapore

WSH or Workplace Safety and Health policy involves certification, legal requirements, and registration. The students preparing assignments on WSH policy in Singapore can understand the importance of accident reporting, monitoring, and surveillance, and work injury compensation. One of the major concerns of WSH policy is to improve safety practices and healthcare measures in the workplace.

The policy sets out a general approach to the management of the arrangements that have been put in place for managing health and safety. All the workers in Singapore desire to work in a protected and safe environment. Health and safety play a significant role in promoting the wellness of both employers as well as employees. According to WSH policy, it’s the responsibility of the organization to look after the employee’s safety and protection.

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If you are writing a paper on Singapore and want to enhance your knowledge about WSH policy in Singapore, then this free assignment solution is best for you. One of the most popular topics for these reports is the Workplace Safety and Health (WSCH) policy of Singapore. This policy is a must for every company that operates in Singapore. Following is a sample of the WSCH policy of Singapore written by our expert writers.

Administer WSH Policy Written Assignment Sample in Singapore

Title: How to promote health and safety in the workplace?

Aim of the study:

The objective of preparing to administer WSH policy is to understand how safety and health preventive measures can be implemented at the workplace. It highlights that workplace management should keep on motivating and boosting the employers to make them active in the process of the workplace.


All the companies or industries involve some safety risks. However, with the proper management and safety measures, the company can ensure all the employees and employers are safe and protected. As a business owner of the company, you need to have thourough knowledge of the wsh policy for your organization. Accordingly, to ensure safety, the management should confirm the comfort and work level with all the workers. Also, it helps the workplace management to take some steps according to the desired aspect of workers. WSH policy is a unique document that concerns who does what, how, and when by keeping preventive measures in mind. However, apart from safety, WSH policies and procedures helps in enhancing business productivity along with the quality of services delivered.

Main body section:

Does every Singaporean workplace need WSH policy?

If any company employs five or more than five people at their worksite then WSH policy is a must. The document is a legal requirement that ensures the protection and safety of all employers and employees. In the case of fewer than five employees, the documented WSH policy is not a mandatory requirement.

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Factors encouraging workplace health and safety

  • Observe the surroundings: Many employees do not bother about what’s happening in their surroundings while working. However, it’s crucial to pay attention and observe co-employees working circumstances. Once the employees get to know about the particular hazards occurring in their workplace, they can reduce the risk and make sure that the working environment is safe.
  • Decrease workplace stress: Because of the tight working schedules and burden, many employees do not remain fit and healthy. Workplace stress can lead to depression and some sort of illness among the employees. Thus, it not only affects the professional life of employees but also creates annoyance in their personal lives as well. Also, it becomes essential to manage the working hours and add on some leisure activities in daily life.
  • Update administrator about the unsafe conditions: It is crucial to keep updating the leader or supervisor about the risks or hazards occurring at the workplace. Also, it’s the supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that all the employees are working in a healthy and safe environment. Thus, they should understand the unsafe conditions and should try to create a protected and safe environment for the employees.


Singapore law for workplace health and safety states that every business with more than five employees should have a WSH policy for managing safety and health. Also, the policy reveals that it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that the work environment is safe and protected to work.

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