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CZ3001 Advanced Computer Architecture – NTU Assignment Help Singapore

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore is offering CZ3001 Advanced Computer Architecture course for the students who are interested in studying computer architecture.

By this course, students would be able to understand the designing of a computer system through microarchitecture design, hardware components and instruction set design.

Students will study the techniques to improve multiprocessor and single processor systems power efficiency.

This course is coupled with the submission of various laboratory quizzes and assignments which form 40% of the weightage of the final marks.

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What is Computer Architecture?

Set of methods and rules in computer engineering used to describe the organization, implementation and functionality of computer systems.

The salary of a computer engineer in Singapore is $49,987 per year as collected by the data.

Here providing syllabus detail on which students would be asked various questions and writing of assignments.

Syllabus of CZ3001 Advanced Computer Architecture

The content of the course is

  1. Introduction of Computer Architecture- performance enhancement techniques, performance metrics, pipelining and parallel processing
  2. Instruction set design- about Risc Instruction set,  addressing modes, instruction formats, compiler, assembler
  3. Microarchitecture design- multi and single cycle, design of data path, pipeline data path, microprogrammed and hardwired design
  4. Input-output design and memory systems-: Cache design, Memory hierarchy, data caches vs. instruction, Virtual memory, memory technologies (SRAM, flash memory, DRAM), determining of cache performance
  5.  Instruction level parallelism- data‐dependence, solutions of  Pipeline hazards, ILP realization, Register renaming, Data forwarding, Reordering of instructions, dynamic scheduling, scalar pipelines, superscalar processors, VLIW, memory and data flow challenges,
  6.  Data level parallelism- GPU architecture, SIMD instruction set, about vector architecture
  7.  Thread level parallelism – Cache coherence problem, multi‐core system challenges of design, Amdahl’s law,
  8.  Emerging trends- Application-specific architectures: (ASIC, FPGA, ASIP); Heterogeneous multicore platform, domain‐specific computing, general-purpose processors performance, GPU, DSP.

Students will gain an overall knowledge of the processor design issues like performance enhancement, power reduction and implementation methods.

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The Educational outcome of CZ3001 Advanced Computer Architecture

On completion of the various assignments given Learning by this course will enable the student to

  1. Processor performance analysis on the basis of matrix-like speed, execution and power
  2. To design a processor that can achieve step by step desired performance
  3. To enhance performance by designing the pipeline data path
  4. To leverage different forms of parallelism like data thread and instruction-level  in turn to meet future and present-day performance
  5. To increase the efficiency of virtual memory and memory design by the main form of cache
  6. To develop high-performance programs by analyzing memory design data path and parallelism

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