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Busm 3115 Ethics and Governance RMIT Assignment Sample Singapore

Students from all over the globe get themselves placed in Singapore private universities as they offer world-class education.

Very well-known the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) which is situated in Singapore is offering Busm 3115 ethics and governance course.

Before landing into the corporate world students need to understand the importance of ethics and corporate governance in the organization.

Everybody wants a corporate to conduct operations by following rule of law in clean and fair manner so it will be beneficial to the society.

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Requirements of Busm 3115 Course

This course will help students in gaining in-depth knowledge about compliance requirements, ethics, regulatory regime and corporate governance.

In addition to studying this core curriculum students are required to submit Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA) and Timed Online Assessment (TOA) kinds of assessments.

The ratio of examination and assessments is 60:40 therefore these assessments become important for securing good marks.

Students from abroad find it difficult to maintain a balance between overloaded assignments and part time jobs.

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Here we are providing ethics and governance assignment sample to make students aware of this Busm 3115 course.

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Prospectus of Busm 3115 ethics and governance course

Here are the key points of the topics to be covered in this Busm 3115 course and students would be asked to submit assignment based on these topics only

Introduction to ethics, its nature, objectives and importance, factors that can affect Business Ethics.

About corporate governance, whistle blowing issues, insider trading.

Believes values and norms, moral versus ethics, the value of manager’s, ethical course and theories.

Some examples to quote like Microsoft antitrust case and about sustainability initiative by GE. Details of corporate social responsibility, about shareholders and stakeholders.

An example to quote about any organization’s CSR initiative like at HSBC.

Details regarding consumer and business Ethics, ethical problems arising in the advertising or marketing field; employees and business ethics, about employee relations, ethical issues related to employees, privacy and working conditions of employees.

Sometimes students find it is difficult to understand any of the topics then they go online and they search for solved assessment answers.

Students think about the learning objective behind these assessments.

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Learning attainment of Busm 3115 ethics and governance

After submitting all the assignments and completing Busm 3115 course students would be able to learn these points given below

  1. Understanding of ethics and corporate governance
  2. Understanding the responsibility of directors, auditors and board committee of an organization which are accountable for ethics and governance
  3. Analyzing corporate governance theories
  4. Analyzing the impact of ethical governance on the corporate world
  5. Understanding the application of control measures and code of governance in the business
  6. Finding effective solutions to fixing current issues related to corporate governance
  7. Understanding the impact of ethics on profitability and business
  8. How to apply corporate governance theories concerning for social context
  9. Ethical management approaches in the organization
  10. To analyze the impact of an inadequate approach of ethics and corporate governance on the organization
  11. To understand the real-time situation of the Corporate by going through case studies related to many companies

Students are given assignments for homework and are asked to form a dissertation covering topics discussed above. Students due to busy schedule search for assignment helper Singapore

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