Singapore’s Employment Relationship over the last two decades Essay

The employment level in a country tells the trickled down growth of an economy. The human capital uses the natural resources to create wealth for the economy. The relations of employment should be regulated inefficient way. The relation between industry and the worker needs to be harmonised for the smooth working of an industry.

The students of Singapore doing curses in business or management study about the employment relations and sometimes they also have to write the essay on it in a form of assignment submission in the university. For writing an essay on Singapore employment relations in two decades students have to research about the current policies of the government which strengthens the worker-employer relation.

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Quite a lot of students feel panic about writing an essay on employment relation as they don’t have enough of the knowledge or the track that how this is a sign for both the worker and employer. There should be some rights with the workers so they can collectively bargain to the industrialist. The concept of union and the power of bargain gives the worker a sense of security. The government of Singapore took a lot of initiatives in the last two decades to initiate harmony in employment relations.

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Employment Relations

The tripartite relationship among the labour union, employers and the government in Singapore depicts the Singapore Industrial relations system in two decades. The conflict resolution between employers and labour is part of the policy of the Singapore government. It protects the labour from the exploitation by employers by any contract.

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The employer can force the labour to work more than the mandated hours, in that case, the workers should have the knowledge and awareness of their rights so they can save themselves from the exploitation. The policies in Singapore in employment relations from two decades safeguard the workers from breaching of the contracts by the employers or any other violation which hampers the workers psychologically or physically.

Over the last two decades, Labour force Evaluation Measures has ranked Singapore in the top countries in employment relations. The Singapore industries are competitive and efficient which shows the least conflict among the stakeholders in the employment relations from two decades. The government had taken initiatives to make the workers more aware of their rights and created the law in favour of labour rights. As Singapore is a structured economy the harmony between the employer and worker is required.

However, there are some cultural conflicts in work settings. Singapore has different ethnic groups who are living together so there are different ethnic settings in the work environment so it is obvious that some conflicts may arise. Government of Singapore had taken care of the employment relations as conflict resolution by giving the right to workers for collective bargaining from two decades.

The employers of the organizations in Singapore compel the workers to work under the rules and regulations. It arises the emergence of the policies and procedures in Singapore in employment relations from last two decades. If everything remains under the limit of the rules then there is less chance of the conflict.

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Since 1978 there is no strike in Singapore from the worker’s side, it represents the harmony has been established in employment relations in Singapore. The government ensures that if there is some conflict, it should be resolved with rationale and in a systematic manner. The ministry of manpower in Singapore takes periodically measures and do research on the need for other policies to boost employment relations.

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