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Research methods are the tools and system by which data is collected and analyzed. Research methods can either be quantitative or qualitative methods.

Quantitative engage collection and study of data in the form of numbers while qualitative involves the collection of information in non-numerical forms.

Research methods can be classified into three groups; data collection tools used in the compilation of data and analytical tools which comprise Statistical techniques in addition to methods for evaluating the precision of the results obtained.

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PSY390 Research Methods: Course Overview

The social sciences have become more specialized, and their research designs are more rigorous.

For example, the study of human development used to be done mainly through surveys and focus groups; but this has now been modified to include other methods such as measuring skills and associated behaviors using objective measures such as toy tests or test batteries.

The social sciences continue to develop new ways of studying people, which have led to increased specialization and a greater ability to explain change.

However, the core themes or concepts found in all of these different areas will often remain the same.

For example, the study of human development continues to use the same methods as it did in the early 20th century.

It is also still focused on children and families, with a particular interest in how parents interact with their children.

Possible Learning Outcomes For PSY390 Research Methods Assignments

  • Demonstrate how various research concepts such as research designs, data collection, data analysis, validity, reliability, criteria, and research quality can influence the research process, research findings and their interpretation.
  • Evaluate and appreciate the different research designs, strategies, methodologies and methods.
  • Examine the various key considerations of the research process, including philosophical assumptions, ethical practices, review of the literature, purpose statements, hypotheses, research questions, research design, use of instruments for data collection and sampling.
  • Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of different research approaches, designs, and concepts.
  • Prepare a research proposal, and address the various elements, including conceptualising the research purpose(s), stating the research objectives, formulating research hypotheses and/or questions, and constructing research instruments like a survey questionnaire and interview guide.
  • Apply knowledge of the various elements within the research process to explain research concepts and recommend relevant designs, strategies, methodologies and methods.
  • Propose appropriate, ethical, and evidence-based research designs, strategies, methodologies and methods for different research needs.

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As numerous management course scholars need to undertake study work of several kinds, they might also have to take up educational assignments associated with research methods.

These research methods can be qualitative or quantitative.

While quantitative study usually involves the methodological untried study of quantitative features, happenings, & their association, qualitative research covers potential relationships involving variables and attempts at researching exclusive of demanding to determine the degree of variables.

As you may be dealing with any type of research, it is significant to gain an understanding of all kinds of research methods.

Consequently, you may have to deal with varied coursework that may comprise the topics based on subjective techniques, in addition to numerical systems and analytical procedures.

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