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A scientific erudition of the controlling thoughts, feelings, & behaviors of other people This PSY205 Social Psychology course examines how persons affect and are affected by others.

Topics comprise impression formation, conventionality and social influence, self-perception, approach, aggression, helping, prejudice, attraction, group procedure, and other workings of social interaction.

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PSY205 Social Psychology: Course Brief

The social psychology course is a comprehensive, all-encompassing exploration of the psychological effect on people’s behavior.

It takes a holistic and whole-hearted approach to study, exploring both personal and social factors in order to create a better individual and society.

The course also includes an important part: going beyond simply understanding folkways and cultural practices into the physical world.

Through hands-on activities and learning opportunities, the class explores how people respond to various environmental features such as sun exposure, music playback, car accidents, food sources, etc., all while trying to understand how they impact behavior.

The course is meant to be a healthy and helpful way of understanding the world, one that can be applied to everyday life.

It covers human behavior in its most basic form. It will cover topics such as social interaction, perception, memory, and emotions.

This class will focus on how people interact with each other and how they think about and remember themselves.

The course will also explore the influence of emotions on behavior as well as our ability to learn from past experiences. The class will also cover some of the biological aspects of these processes including hormones and brain activity.

Topics our writers cover in PSY205 Social Psychology SUSS assignment

There is a list of topics integrated under PSY205 Social Psychology; several of the social psychology topics are: Aggression, social influence, self-concept, attitude, pre-justice and attitude, social cognition and numerous more.

Further, there are even the sub-links on all of these topics & the list extends to numerable subjects that are of main issues in current times.

All these topics are associated with the outcome of thinking of any individual with respect to the natives around them.

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PSY205 Social Psychology Course Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the main theories of social psychology associated with the behavioral and cognitive phenomenon.
  • Explain the scientific process used to get familiarity regarding social behavior.
  • Study the difficulty of action in social contexts by combining factors associated with the individual and the situation.
  • Describe situational factors that limit human action.
  • Explain social factors that affect individual motivations.
  • Examine contemporary events using social psychological premise or concepts.
  • Study the effects of implicit and open prejudice on cognition and behavior.
  • Write officially using APA style.

Why study PSY205 Social Psychology in Singapore?

When you get up early morning and see a newspaper, you can discover lined up news on diverse subject matters that have either spoil the nation or society.

These subject matters comprise discrimination, criminal activity, violence, harassment, suicide, disease and numerous more. In fact, the news channel you turn to generally signals these actions that are going around in the civilization or the nation.

So, studying PSY205 Social Psychology expand positive attitude in the person and makes him/ her ability to learn the reason for such incidence and hence, bring development in thinking of the people.

Besides this, presently we also get to hear on the students developing terrible habit due to the influence of public around them; hence social psychologist can assist in bringing development in such individual who can later be property for the nation.

Consequently, the social psychologist can join their hands to bring small and major changes in society and the country.

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