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How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Words have the power to keep you away from among millions of population. The great writers of the world are known today because of their word power and writing skills. It also requires great descriptive writing techniques.

A descriptive essay is a way to enter the world of effective writing. Catching an appropriate approach to write a descriptive essay definitely take you to the storytelling heights in any form of descriptive essay.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Browse the best step by step guide on how to write a descriptive essay, throughout this article. Stay connected till the end as skipping even one point might lead you to a certain amount of risks.

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Let’s Understand What is a Descriptive Essay:

A descriptive essay is particularly a form of essay writing that demands a vast description by taking into account either an entity, an individual, a method or an incident.

The writer’s wish by writing is to attract a huge amount of audience by effective writing, not by telling. It should have such an impact on the reader’s mind so as to draw a vibrant picture of imagination.

Descriptive essay writing mainly deals with engaging all the sense of reader ranging from touch, taste, sound to smell, sight. An essay that can wake up all these senses of the reader is definitely a good descriptive essay.

The last thing that should be kept in mind is that the essay should always be written with a goal, that could be either experience from your life or a story of an object that changed your life a little or more. It is something about putting your experience and ideas into paper.

Ideas for Choosing a Topic for Writing a Descriptive Essay:

It is not tough to find the most appropriate descriptive essay topic. You can illustrate any little or big thing that matters in your life. For a start, we have collected general topic ideas for you with a hope that it will light up your imagination:

  • Description About a person: Describe a person who is familiar to you- may be a friend or a family member, a celebrity, a superhero, a comic character, etc.
  • Description of a place or an object: Describe a place or an object that may have a little or more connection with you- may be your school, college, your first bicycle, etc.
  • Description of an emotion: Think about and describe your emotion that influenced your life deeply- maybe happiness, desire, anger, etc. It also could be your imagination. For example, your first love feeling, etc.

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Preparing an Outline for Generating an Effective Descriptive Essay:

A properly structured descriptive essay would always act as a golden ticket. It helps you to systematize your thoughts with the proper flow.

The composition of this form of essay should be done in the proper way consisting of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Whatever topic you pick, it is necessary to feel it and imagine it on yourself to reach the highest level of perfection.

  • Introduction: The introduction refers to giving enough knowledge of the topic to the reader to let them understand what your descriptive essay topic is about. But it should be described in a way so as not to the reader’s interest.

The Introduction is the key paragraph of your descriptive essay. It will decide that the reader will go to the end or not. So it should be more engaging that should contain short, sweet and interesting sentences.

The reader should get the knowledge that what they are going to learn in the whole essay and why it is important for them to read it wholly. The opening sentence should always be catchy.

  • Body paragraphs: This form of essay writing should consist normally of three body paragraphs. Each should contain different aspects of the topic. The number of body paragraphs also depends on the writer and his or her analysis.

Sometimes your story is completed in only one sentence and sometimes even a whole book is not enough.

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Starting of a Body Paragraph of a Descriptive Essay Writing:

  • Begin with a sentence about the topic.
  • Include all the sensory details.
  • Include all the genuine details.
  • Always finish a body paragraph by beginning the introduction of next.


The beginning of the conclusion should always depict the primary intention of your whole essay. Explain the purpose behind choosing the particular topic of descriptive essay and what its impact in your life is. Now include some essential points of the essay. Summarize the whole coverage of the essay.

It is obvious that you have invested a huge amount of time to attract your target readers and keep them engaging. Never permit the essay to leave the thoughts of the essay from the reader’s mind after giving it a whole read.

As per the actual format of descriptive essay writing, the conclusion should consist of all the key points of the body paragraph. If the final sentence gets concluded with the main idea of the topic, it will be well enough.

Now your descriptive essay work is perfectly written and completed. Proofreading of the essay is the essential step to make it free from all the grammatical and other writing mistakes.

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Tips on How to Review a Descriptive Essay:

Reviewing is the last and most essential step to generate a great descriptive essay paper.

It is advisable to take a break after completing your whole writing work. Your mind should be relaxed and clear from the entire hotchpotch before starting the final editing process.

Then after investing enough time on relaxation, return to your descriptive essay and ask few questions to yourself while reading:

  • Have you given a proper introduction to the essay?
  • Is the content easily readable?
  • Is it showing a proper relation between thesis and content of the essay?
  • Is the language of the essay appropriate for the readers?
  • Has the final statement has the power to influence the reader’s mind for forever?
  • Imagine yourself as a reader and think if this essay has the power to affect you?
  • Is the essay paper completely flawless?

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