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Transportation and distribution management assignment sample

Distribution and transportation industries are playing a significant role in minimizing the loop between the consumers and the producers.

Varied forms of transportation are water, land, air and rail. The transportation industry is playing a major factor in boosting economic development.

Transportation and distribution services are now coupled with GPS to provide real-time tracking of the shipment.

Here we are providing transportation and distribution management sample assignment for Singaporeans.

This will prove a great help for learners searching for logistics or marketing assignments and essays.

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Analysis of transportation and distribution management

Transportation and distribution management system is a part of the supply chain that includes execution, Optimization and planning movement of goods.

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The characteristics of transportation and distribution management include

  • Punctuality
  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Affordability
  • Capacity
  • accessibility
  • Regularity
  • Safety and security

Let’s look upon future technologies that will change the transportation industry

  1. Self-driving automobiles
  2. Next-gen of GPS devices
  3. Smart cars
  4. High-Speed Rail networking
  5. Gyroscopic vehicles

These are the various inventions and new breakthroughs that will widely impact the distribution and transportation Technologies in future.

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The transportation and distribution management services include

  1. Network Optimization and network design
  2. Compliance management
  3. Order consolidation service
  4. Freight bill payment and Audit
  5. Performance management and its reporting
  6. Shipment and visibility tracking
  7. TMS implementation and configuration
  8. Claims administration
  9. Dedicated transportation
  10. Transportation Optimization and planning

Its Benefits

Air transport management has greatly influenced the Logistic industry. Nowadays distance doesn’t matter. You can even order a product through International borders as well.

The following points below explain the benefits of having efficient transportation and distribution management

  • Cost efficiency increase- reducing of shipping fuel expenditure and transportation cost by using adequate resources and proper planning.
  • Easy to manage data destination route length and type of vehicle are the information which is required  in the large distribution network
  • Transparency through high-end Technology – through real-time data, companies can track the shipments and life cycle of orders. This can provide an accurate forecast of the consignment and supply chain network.
  • Process standardization– this includes invoicing and shipment payment related to a specific location
  • The need of the hour the accurate data obtained about the logistics help companies in removing the loopholes ensuring better future services, employees performances, tracking of shipment and any human errors in handling the logistics
  • Reduction in freight expenses– it provides Data Analytics that can be useful in reducing the expenses and optimization of valuable information
  • Real-time tracking of deliveries– it provides real-time location of shipment and drivers. It helps in creating the efficient route schedule
  • Increase productivity and warehouse efficiency– the well-organized warehouse can keep a check on outgoing and incoming inventory.
  • Improvement in customer service– customers is able to locate their shipment exactly due to the online portal. This helps in monitoring on-time performance.
  • Enhancing supply chain efficiency– it reduces inefficiencies by striking inventory drivers and other processes. Moreover, this helps in increasing the productivity of the businesses.

After going through the advantages let’s see if there are any loopholes in transportation and distribution services.

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There are various aspects like technology, legal regulations, globalization, government policies and consumer evolution that can influence the logistics sector to a great extent.

The inefficient management of transport and distribution can lead to various drawbacks like

  • Coordination: the coordination problem occurs in international logistics like cultural, schedule and language change.
  • Legality: customs policy, laws, exit policies and entry of product
  • Multinational companies: small companies may suffer due to difficult access to large companies
  • Cost of transport: because the cost incurred is high for the longest distance

Here we have seen various drawbacks related to handling transportation and distribution management. But these disadvantages can be eliminated by efficiently handling of materials and adaptation of new technologies by the organizations.


Few major challenges in transportation are traffic congestion and accidents which causes late deliveries.

In recent times there has been increasing in international trade which leads to congestion on the ports. These challenges lead to major loss to the businesses and dissatisfied customers.

Every major firm in this sector would like to reduce the transportation cost. To resolve these challenges all like-minded forms should ask the government to improve transportation facilities.

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