A summary of Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the interconnected network businesses involved in providing the products and service packages required by the end-customers. SCM traverse all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process stock, and finished products from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption.

The companies must have an effective and efficient supply chain network in order to compete successfully in today’s market.

The supply chain network has become essential for the sustainability of the enterprises due to globalization and the growth of multinational companies. The cost factor for information flow has become quite low, brought by technological changes, thus increasing the flow of information and coordination between supply chain participants.

Management of the supply chain is the backbone of business on the global and competitive worldwide market. Supply chains are becoming more sophisticated and dynamic. Business success often depends on your supply chain’s success. Modern retail companies really need leaner supply chains that allow the process and IT-related interventions in scheduling, execution, and collaboration.

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Role of Supply Chain Management

Maintaining a company is not a single person’s job, whether it’s a big business or a small home-based business. A business can become successful if the managing team is well-managed. The manager who manages the company’s supply chain plays the most crucial role. The primary role in supply chain management is to ensure that the distribution of the goods meets the demand of customers. It must be ensured that businesses will never produce products that are additional or inadequate. We will consider the main five roles and responsibilities of the supply chain.

  • Increase services for the customers: The administration of customer service is one of the most important roles and responsibilities of the supply chain. The clients should always get what they’re looking for. Whether it’s a service or product, their problems or questions should get solutions or answers. The SCM team is responsible for ensuring that the customer service system is available 24/7 so that customers feel linked to the company with which they want to do business.
  • Reduce the cost of production: Perhaps the most important thing managers have to do is reduce the cost of producing goods. It’s done by introducing machinery by Purchasing raw materials directly from the manufacturers or retail markets, Reduce the number of items dismissed or failed, and Increase workplace performance.
  • Boost product quality: It is a fact that it is necessary to reduce the production costs of the goods, but at the same time, it is essential to improve the value of the objects. The organization should ensure that the raw material and the manufacturing high quality of the goods to attract more consumers. They must be long-lasting, reliable and robust.
  • Improvement of the financial position: The firm has to strengthen its economic value. Ensure that consumers can continue to repurchase the goods as they are pleased with the previous ones. Management of the supply chain should function in such a way that the company’s cash flow would increase, a decline in the number of fixed assets, and an increase in power of income. It will enhance the belief of customers in the company.
  • Developing the best marketing strategies: The team of supply chain management has to build the company’s best marketing strategies to ensure the best possible appearance for their goods. Customers also determine whether or not to purchase a specific product by looking at the advertisements posted on various platforms.

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Designing of the supply chain network consider various activities

  1. Strategic Network Optimization: It includes warehouse volume, position, and scale, distribution centers and amenities.
    • Establishing successful relationships with manufacturers and distributors. Right and effective information exchange and feedback system.
    • Management of the life cycle of the product
    • Modern technology to plan and conduct operations in the supply chain.
    • Outsourcing or manufacturing decision and selection of supply source
    • Ensure supply policy aligned with the business strategy of the organization.
  2. Tactical: Purchase and choice of source for supply.
  • Scheduling and planning of production, decision to outsource or produce at home.
  • The decision about facilities for stock and warehousing
  • Strategy for transport.
  • Meeting competitors ‘ quality standards and services by implementing best practices.
  • Payment scheduling. Keeping in mind customer demand.
  • Innovative methods of marketing and new launches
  1. Operational Activities: Schedules for production and distribution.
  • Supplier and distributor demand forecasting and coordination
  • Sourcing and material planning
  • Inbound operations, including supplier transportation and inventory receipt
  • Overall Production, consumed inventory and finished product.
  • Manage shipping and warehousing.
  • Ordering and proper accounting at the right time
  • Control on inventory.
  • Quality control system.

For-profit, Supply chain management at the right time gets the right stuff to the right places. New ICTs have revolutionized the supply chains, making them incredibly stronger, faster and cheaper.

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