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Singapore Sustainable Urban Property Development Sample Essay

Singapore Sustainable Urban Property Development Sample Essay

This essay sample on Sustainable Urban Property Development Essay for Singapore students. Here we will discuss the Sustainable urban development definition, Why is sustainable urban development important in Singapore?  Strategies for Sustainable Urban property Development, Singapore Sustainable Urban property Development Challenges, Singapore Sustainable Urban property Development Benefits, Sustainable urban development examples, Sustainable urban future, etc.

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Introduction- Singapore Sustainable Urban Property Development Essay 

Different industries have different effects on the environment. As such the Urban development business can harm the environment in many ways. Therefore, we need to use Sustainable Urban Property Development methods. But what is “Sustainable Urban Property Development”? We shall be answering this question in this sample essay.

Main body- Singapore Sustainable Urban Property Development Essay 

Sustainable urban development definition

Urban Sustainability is the possibility that a city can be coordinated without exorbitant dependence on the encompassing open country. In addition to this, it provides the option to control itself with inexhaustible wellsprings of energy.

Moreover, The capacity of a local area for propagation has an incredible connection with the conditions they live in. Plus, an arrangement for an urban region should accomplish the destinations and the requirements of individuals nearby under investigation.

These accomplishments are emphatically connected with financial, ecological, and social components, as key components for a sustainable turn of events. A sustainable arrangement improves social and ecological relationships with less capital misfortune.

Furthermore, the point of this is to make the littlest conceivable natural impression and to create the most minimal amount of contamination conceivable, to productively use land, manure utilized materials, reuse it, or convert squander to energy, and to make the city’s general commitment to environmental change negligible.

Moving on, It is assessed that more than half of the total populace currently lives in urban zones in Singapore and that this will rise to 70% by 2050. Therefore, this is a colossal change that will have an effect both on the large numbers of individuals that move as well as on the urban areas that they move into.

Such a change furnishes organizers and designers with a test. Anyway, urban areas offer freedoms. We are social animals. Thus, We flourish in urban spaces that support social associations.

Why is sustainable urban development important in Singapore?

From energy use to emanations, the property development business has an immense effect on the climate. Besides the potential for working over wild territories, the development business energy use is high.

Moreover, the large equipment utilized in development actually inclines intensely on petroleum products and surprisingly wasteful power use. It can bring about the pointless torching of petroleum derivatives further the energy supply line. Truth be told, the development business represents an amazing 36% of overall energy use and 40% of CO2 outflows.

Furthermore, The creation and delivery of materials can have an extraordinary effect on fossil fuel byproducts. Digging for crude materials can bring about the contamination of nearby water tables. In addition, the assembling of cement has come about in over 2.8bn huge loads of CO2. A figure which is simply going to continue to increment as 4bn huge loads of cement is poured each year.

Development can likewise bring about perilous waste, Plus, the ill-advised removal of such waste can bring about contamination that influences the climate yet. In addition the strength of individuals living around there.

Strategies for Sustainable Urban property Development

We can use several strategies to improve Singapore’s sustainability in urban property development. In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at these strategies. Thus, without further adieu:

  • Better transport coordination, land use, and open space arranging
  • urban control and densification
  • Creating a green conservative city
  • conservation of blue and green foundation
  • conservation of the farming area and the advancement of neighborhood creation

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Singapore Sustainable Urban property Development Challenges

Sometimes Singapore’s sustainable development faces certain challenges. In this section of the sample essay, we shall be looking at some of these challenges. Therefore, these are, as mentioned below:

  • Sustainable Energy development
  • Creating a Waste Management system
  • Urban Health equity and Food systems
  • Green and Blue Infrastructure
  • Indoor Environment Built

So, these are some of the challenges faced during sustainable urban development. Moving on, in the next section of the sample essay; We shall be looking at the benefits of the same.

Singapore Sustainable Urban property Development Benefits

Singapore Sustainable Urban property development offers several benefits apart from the obvious. Therefore, in this section, we shall be looking at these benefits. Moving on, these are, as mentioned below:

  • Cheaper production costs
  • Better productivity
  • It helps minimize waste
  • Allows better use of materials
  • Helps sustain environment
  • Help reduce noise pollution
  • Provides room for use of innovative technologies

Thus, these are the advantages of sustainable urban property development, With this, our discussion is concluded.

Sustainable urban development examples

The green corridor along the Rio Tietê is well known as a sustainable urban development example. In collaboration with universities and research institutes, public entities developed 27 green areas distributed throughout the city. Open spaces were provided for leisure and recreation which led to a drop in crime incidents in parts that were previously hotspots for criminal activity.

This long-term initiative also helped consolidate social integration because residents from different social groups now share much more common space due to this project having been implemented across many districts of the city. Furthermore, it facilitated biodiversity conservation through reforestation which led to improved air quality as well as increased recreational opportunities for all citizens at any time of day or year, boosting people.

Singapore Sustainable urban future

Singapore Sustainable urban futures have been of growing interest in the last few years. With so many factors at play, from sustainability to poverty and beyond it’s certainly not simple. But there are some principles that tend to always come up, including urban planning with a focus on walkability and promoting interactions. These aspects of sustainable urbanity have been endorsed by the World Health Organization as good approaches for climate change mitigation strategies.


We believe that sustainable urban property development will be an important consideration for Singapore’s future. The goal of this article is to provide a holistic overview of the various factors contributing to sustainability in order to encourage more people, including planners and policymakers, to engage with these issues. Sustainable urban planning should not only consider environmental impacts like climate change but also social equity considerations such as access to education and healthcare. This way, we can create livable communities that promote well-being while minimizing negative consequences on our planet’s resources.

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