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PSY259 Personality and Individual Differences SUSS TMA Assignment Sample Singapore

Are Humanities and Social Sciences your area of interest? If yes then you are browsing the right page.

The very famous Singapore university of Social Sciences abbreviated as SUSS is offering PSY259 personality and individual differences course as a part of their Humanities and Social Sciences curriculum.

Individual differences are a psychological trait that focuses on personal uniqueness and their reaction to the situation.

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Criteria of PSY259 personality and individual differences course

Personality and individual differences (PSY259) is a part of the modular undergraduate course for the duration of 6 months that carries lifelong learning credit (L2C) scheme.

This course comes under the level 2 program and consists of five credit units.

Students would be provided with the learning material and they have to submit presentations in every semester.

This course is an online learning program in which students would be provided support and the guidance via emails and discussion forums from their assigned online instructors.

In the PSY259 course learning is through online by using interactive study material followed by one to one sessions.

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Personality and individual differences course outline

Various topics to be covered in the PSY259 course consist of an overview and research methods of personality; compare and contrast of psychoanalytic approach by Freudian and non-Freudian theory.

Students would be taught regarding many approaches of personality like the cognitive approach, the trait approach, the humanistic approach, the biological approach and the behavioral or social learning approach.

Students would be required to submit a dissertation and solve assignment questions related to these topics. These days colleges have formulated timed online assessments to evaluate the candidate performance.

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Educational learning from the PSY259 course

  1. Applying concepts of personality theories in case studies
  2. Gaining knowledge of personality psychology and understanding the 6 perspectives of it
  3. recognizing how personality theories have a direct connection in current research
  4. Discussing the research findings of all major theories studied
  5. Applying various approaches to understand the mental process and human behavior
  6. Understanding of individual differences by evaluating the perspectives of the key assumptions studied in every approach
  7. Compare and contrast of the limitations and strength after studying major theories

These are the key learning’s listed that students will learn after completion of their dissertation, assignments, presentation and case studies of the PSY259 course.

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