Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) Questions

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ECO201: A Good Harvest from Conducive Weather may not Always Benefit the Farmers in Terms of Revenue Earned: Managerial Economics Assignment, SUSS

Questions(a) "A good harvest from conducive weather may not always benefit the farmers in terms of revenue earned". Discuss using a suitable farm product diagram the validity of this statement, taking into consideration the price elasticity of demand for farm products.(b)  "While a tax tends to create the deadweight loss, a subsidy always

ICT259: Write an OMNET++ Program Where There Are 5 Nodes Connected to a Hub: Computer Networking Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Brief:I would like to write an OMNET++ program where there are 5 nodes connected to a hub. The requirements are each node will send 10 messages per second to the hub. Upon receiving the message, the hub will forward the message to all nodes except the sender. I have written Hub. cc. The content of Hub. cc is as below: #include<om

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SCO201: Using your Own Neighborhood Imagine You are the Neighborhood Representative: Space, Place, People and the City Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Brief:Using your own neighborhood, imagine you are the neighborhood representative for the Ministry of National Development. Now that the immediate COVID crisis is being addressed, the Ministry is making plans for enhancing "resilience" in every neighborhood in Singapore.As the neighborhood representative, you have the duty to as

Discuss the Success of Contemporary Management Tools Applied to Address These Issues: Contemporary Issues Report, SUSS

Assignment Brief:Each student is to submit an individual research report based on an organization of their choice.Students are required to identify two (2) key management issues of the chosen company and to analyze the impact of these issues on the company's organizational behavior & business performance. Students also need to criticall

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We Ask you to Search and Select an Item From the Popular Press that Features Singapore: Media in Singapore Reflective Essay, SUSS

This assignment aims to help you understand better Singaporean or your own culture and how you relate to it. We ask you to search and select an item from the popular press that features Singapore. It should be a piece that was published in the past year (12 months).cta_question_1The item can come from any paper or electronic media source, p

The Singapore Government has Managed the Covid 19 Pandemic Crisis by Providing Many Packages: Master of Taxation Report, SUSS

Individual Assignment "The Singapore government has managed the Covid 19 pandemic crisis by providing many packages such as resilience, solidarity for Singaporeans over the last 9 months. Further, there were deductions available for remote working especially for employment income". Validate the above statement.cta_question_1Prepare an

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The Project is Based on the Application of Correlation Concepts: Psychology Assignment, SUSS

Statistic Project (Psychology batch)This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. The project is based on the application of Correlation concepts. Think of 2 variables for which you suspect there is some kind of “link” (eg. Size of family vs student performance or attendance pattern). You need to interview at least 30 people; ideally, the members shou

SWK307: You are Required to Prepare a Market Cultural Repo on a Country of Your Choosing: Globalization and Social Change Report, SUSS

Assignment Brief:You are required to prepare a market cultural repo on a country of your choosing. You are to provide insights on the culture of the host market, how it is different you're your home country and highlight what cultural factors to take note of when doing business in that country.cta_question_1Develop a report covering:

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Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) was a Dysfunctional Organization: Legal and Ethical Issues For Professional Practice Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Brief1. Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) was a dysfunctional organization from the outset. The Trust acted inappropriately in pursuit of Foundation Trust (FT) status, setting infeasible financial targets that damaged patient services. The Trust managed services that it was ill-equipped to deal with, particularly prison heal

HCM541: Clinical Teams Perform Best When Their Leader’s Value and Support Staff: Leadership and Change Management Essay, SUSS

Assessment activity Discuss the statement below with reference to leadership theory and the role of the nurse leader.  Your discussion will be supported by a range of relevant and credible evidence.“Clinical teams perform best when their leader's value and support staff, enable them to work as a team, ensure that the main focus is on patien

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