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CLS203: Wang Anshi’s Poetry Creation has Changed with His Life Experience: Song-Yuan Dynasty Literature of China Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Questions: 1. Wang Anshi's poetry creation has changed with his life experience, and finally formed a unique poetic style, Yan Yu "Canglang Shihua" is called "Wang Jing Gongti". Try to use what you have learned and combine works to analyze Wang Anshi’s poems The characteristics and changes of the theme and art of song creation. Ans

BUS353: Despite the Maturing of the Singapore Economy that Shifted from Manufacturing: Project Management Assignment, SUSS

Case Background Despite the maturing of the Singapore Economy that shifted from manufacturing to the services sector, manufacturing remains a key pillar of the country’s growth. However, manufacturers must upgrade their capabilities to remain competitive in international markets. Byte Manufacturing Services (BMS) was established in Singapore

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ANL251: Write a Python Program to Implement the Standard Chartered (SCB) Bank BonusSaver: Python Programming Assignment, SUSS

Question 1 Write a Python program to implement the Standard Chartered (SCB) Bank BonusSaver interest rate calculator for calculating total interest earned per month. You are to research and extract more information from The following screenshot shows an example of how it works. (Note: The

Spreadit Pte Ltd has Registered the Mark ‘FLAVOURFUL CAKES’ for Their Sale: Intellectual Property Law Assignment, SUSS

Assignment question Spreadit Pte Ltd has registered the mark ‘FLAVOURFUL CAKES’ for their sale of dessert pastries. Their dessert pastries are popular with sales growing at a rapid rate. Takeon Pte Ltd recently used the mark ‘FLAVOURY CAKES for its latest sale of cakes. Some of its customers have ordered the cakes on the basis that they w

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BUS371: China’s Online Retail Transaction Value Hit Approximately US$1.5 trillion in 2019: Doing Business with China Assignment, SUSS

Section A Question 1 China’s online retail transaction value hit approximately US$1.5 trillion in 2019, an astronomical number that is more than twice that of the United States’. Nonetheless, while China’s e-commerce market is still growing and highly vibrant, the rate of growth has been dipping. Critically assess why this is so and analyze

SSC205: Outlines Any Three Main Ethical/Sustainability Issues/Challenges Facing a Particular Business: Business, Government and Society Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Details: This assignment is for the module of Business in Society learning about CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility In no more than 3000 words (excluding references, tables, and appendices) you should provide an analysis that: Outlines any three main ethical/sustainability issues/challenges facing a particular business. cta_q

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SSC211e: A Research Study was Recently Conducted in Singapore to Investigate How Chronic: Social Science Research Methods Assignment, SUSS

Question A research study was recently conducted in Singapore to investigate how chronic debt affects the psychological functioning and economic decision-making of the poor. It sought to shed more light on the burdens of being poor and the causes of the poverty trap. Based on quasi-experimental evidence from a charity debt-relief program, this

ADL523: Examine Issues Related to Moss, Lynch, and O’Donaghue’s Sampling Method: Research Methodology Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Overview: Critique a journal article reporting a mixed-methods study. The article for this assignment is Moss, H., Lynch, J, & O’Donoghue, J. (2018). Exploring the perceived health benefits of singing in a choir: an international cross-sectional mixed-methods study. Perspectives in Public Health, 138(3), 160–168. The authors hav

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ICT 133: Develop and Write Complete Full Python P:rograms for Each Part: Structured Programming Assignment, SUSS

Question 1 Develop and write complete full Python programs for each part, to perform the following tasks. Write a Python program to perform the following Prompt a user for the following pieces of information: the initial value of an investment, investAmt the expected growth rate of investment, i and the number of years of inve

HRM255: Imagine You are an Executive Working in the Ministry of Manpower. An International Labour Organisation: Tripartite Relations in Singapore Assignment, SUSS

Details of Assignment Background Imagine you are an executive working in the Ministry of Manpower. An International Labour Organisation (ILO) delegation is visiting Singapore next month. You have been tasked to prepare a report to equip your Director with some talking points for this engagement with the ILO delegates. The topic of the meeting is

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