Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) Questions

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ACC203e: Pretty Pink Pte Ltd (“PP”) Uses Normal and Job Order Costing: Managerial Accounting Assignment, SUSS

Question 1Pretty Pink Pte Ltd (“PP”) uses normal and job order costing. All its jobs represent unique customer orders for modified vintage cars. PP had 1 job in process at the start of the year: job number 45 ($12,000). PP applies manufacturing overhead on the basis of machine-hours (“MH”). The budgeted overhead and machine activity lev

SWK509: In Recent Years, An Increasing Number of Youths in Singapore have been Observed: Social Research and Programme Evaluation Assignment, SUSS

ContextIn recent years, an increasing number of youths in Singapore have been observed to develop signs of addiction to internet gaming. As a practitioner in a Social Service Agency that focuses on supporting children and youth in distress, you have been tasked by your Executive Director to propose an intervention that would help clients who ar

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FMT311: BCA Green Mark for Existing Non-residential Buildings 2017: Green Building Assessment Standards Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Brief:BCA Green Mark for existing non-residential buildings 2017, under section 2 - building energy performance is allocated a minimum of 40 points In this TMA, you are required to calculate the Green Mark criteria 2.1 to 2.9 base on the information provided below.cta_question_2Brief description of the buildingThere is no

SCO103: You are a Junior Member of an Elite Media Relations and Communications Agency: New Empires: The Reach and Frontiers of the Tech Sector Assignment, SUSS

Question / PremiseYou are a junior member of an elite media relations and communications agency. The agency has just been hired by a loose conglomerate of American and Chinese tech giants. While they may be competitors, they are also seeking to improve their public profile in the wake of several scandals / PR incidents that have led to societal

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HFS371: In Support of Your Company’s Business Expansion Plan, Your Selected Site is Required to Carry Out Renovation: Risk Assessment and Management Assignment, SUSS

Question 1This end-of-course project aims to gauge your ability toillustrate concepts of risk and risk management; analyse risk perception and how this affects risk management; examine the purpose and aims of risk control; carry out a risk assessment using the appropriate tools and techniques for a hazardous work process; prop

SWK105e: Your Next-door-neighbor is a Couple in Their Mid-sixties: Human Growth And Life-Span Development Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Brief:In this assignment, you are required to understand and apply the main issues and principles discussed in the chapters on middle and late adulthood development.Your next-door-neighbor is a couple in their mid-sixties. They happen to know that you are taking a course on life-span development. One day, the woman, Mdm Ros confi

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SSC263e: Often Headquarters want to be Inclusive but Employees’ Exchanges: Cross-Cultural Intelligence at the Workplace Assignment, SUSS

Question:Often headquarters want to be inclusive but employees’ exchanges are hampered by differences in social customs. One Thai manager explained, “In Thai culture, there is a strong emphasis on avoiding mistakes, and we are very group-oriented in our decision making. If the Americans want to hear from us on a conference call, they need t

FIN203: Modular Mould Ltd’s Capital Structure Currently Comprises of 40% Debt and 60% Equity: Essentials of Financial Management Assignment, SUSS

Assignment Details:Modular Mould Ltd’s capital structure currently comprises of 40% debt and 60% equity, a combination which management deems to be optimal and hopes to maintain. Management is currently considering a $2 million expansion of its existing business, which is expected to generate a perpetual cash inflow of $220,000 in the future.

Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your college/ university Assignments.

LAW401: The Court of Appeal has Directed the Registrar of the Supreme Court: Ethical Legal Practice and Client Care Assignment, SUSS

QuestionThe Court of Appeal has directed the Registrar of the Supreme Court to refer a matter, concerning Lawyer A, to the Council of the Law Society of Singapore, for it to determine whether it should refer the matter to the Chairman of the Inquiry Panel under section 85(2) of the Legal Profession Act to inquire into Lawyer A’s conduct. Lawy

ECO203: Discuss and Analyse How Singapore, Now as Essentially a High Technology Economy: International Economics Assignment, SUSS

QuestionDiscuss and analyse how Singapore, now as essentially a high technology economy in producing goods and services, is reflected in its healthy balance of payments (BoP) as surplus from both its Current Account (exports/imports of goods and services) and Capital and Financial Account (foreign investment as direct, portfolio, official and o

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