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Preventive Measures in Fighting Drug Abuse in Singapore Essay Sample

This is a sample essay on different ways of preventing drug abuse in Singapore.

So let us start with

What is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse or drug addiction, sometimes also referred to as substance abuse is a practice in which an individual uses certain chemicals to create a numb-like pleasurable effect on the brain.

Moreover, we are no stranger to what drug addiction is we hear about it on television, read about it in newspapers, and sometimes hear about it from our friends and neighbors. Over 190 million people around the world are using this practice and most of the affected people are still very young in age, as most of the drug abusers are below 30 years of age. There are several reasons associated with it which we will discuss below.

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Preventive steps are taken by the Singapore government to fight against drug abuse

To prevent drug abuse certain guidelines have been issued by the drug control agency of Singapore  (the Central narcotics bureau of Singapore). These guidelines help parents and other close ones help others be drug-free.

  • Awareness of law
  • Potential risks
  • Activity monitoring
  • Set limits
  • Provide emotional support

Now we shall discuss these points in brief below

Children should be made aware of the law

In case, a teenager who could be a potential drug abuser has knowledge of Singapore law towards drug abuser they are less likely to abuse.

Reason being that Singapore has one of the world’s strictest laws against drug use and drug trafficking.

If upon urinalysis a person is found intoxicated he or she can be subjected to the following punishments.

First time offenders – one year

Second-time offenders – three years

Third-time offenders – five years

The potential risks: physical and mental

Apart from legal trouble, there are also huge chances of obtaining other damages. There can be physical issues and mental disorders that can be caused due to excess drug abuse.

Drug causes following mental issues

  • Paranoia
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • hallucinations

Now let us see what physical issues can be caused due to drug abuse.

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney damage

On top of that, an overdose of drugs can even cause death in some cases as observed.

Activates of a person should be observed

Parents should or close ones should observe the change in behaviors and physical changes as these changes can indicate if a person is using drugs or worse suffering from drug abuse.

Moving on, here are some symptoms of drug abuse

  • Regular feeling a need to use drugs
  • mind blocking urge for drugs
  • need for a larger amount of substance for attaining the same effect
  • maintaining an ample supply of drugs
  • A negative change in social, personal, and professional life.
  • Buy more drugs than one can afford
  • Experiencing difficulty while trying to stop using drugs
  • Stealing and lying to obtain drugs

Parents should set limits for children

Parents or close ones should set limits for their individual at an early age as it can make a huge difference later on in life. It is noted that many teenagers indulge in drug abuse due to a lack of knowledge and lack of guidance from their guide.

Setting limits and boundaries between right and wrong and telling them how far is too far could be vital information later on in life.

As parents have authority over children for at least some part of their life, they have the ability to set good foundations for their kids and avoid potential drug abuse.

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Parents should provide emotional support and have good communication

Providing emotional support to their children must be the top concern of parents.

So parents should have good communication with their children. If a child feels comfortable communicating with their parents, there is a huge chance that they will share sensitive topics with their family.

Therefore, this could help parents take necessary measures to prevent the environmental build-up mentally or socially that might later result in drug abuse.


In this article, we discussed the drug abuse case in the Singapore city-state.  The government had provided guidelines to prevent drug abuse in teenagers which we discussed. These steps can be crucial in deciding the future outcomes and can help prevent a drug abuse victim.

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