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Updated on: 19th Jan 2021

Gerontology – Technology in An Aging Society Essay

This essay sample provides an Understanding of Geriatrics Health and Social Care. We will further study the emerging Technologies and challenges they are facing. Every sector is important for the overall maintenance of the nation. Elder people require special care and attention. The government must adopt various policies to support their Healthcare needs. Let’s study more about it.

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Gerontology is the study of aspects of aging. It considers biological, cognitive, psychological, cultural, and social factors of age. Let’s study technologies related to Gerontology and Aging.

Emerging technologies to support an aging population

  • Telehealth:  is the use of telecommunication technologies to enhance and deliver Healthcare facilities, public health, and education. Using the clinical video in telehealth to monitor and manage chronic conditions. Using telehealth for the transmission of health-related information according to patients feasible to them. This facility provides safe use of medical facilities by both Healthcare workers and patients. Using innovative telehealth Technologies and incorporate them into Smartphone and sensor technologies.
  •  E-care planning: Evaluation and implementation of a shared e-care plan that helps in improving and maintaining the health status of older adults. Using health information technology models to face challenges in the health sector and resolving them.
  • Active/ambient assisted living (AAL) robots: Using of Digital Technologies and robots that assist in live operations. AAL robotics is used with patients having disabilities. This includes robotic mobility aids, support facilities, and telepresence. This facility helps in providing primary Health Care and surgeries to older people.
  • Internet of things: The use of digital technology helps in remote monitoring in the Healthcare field. It has the potential to empower physicians to deliver critical Care Services. It helps in keeping patients healthy and safe. Remote monitoring of patients’ health assists in minimizing the length of hospital stay and cost.
  • Artificial intelligence: The use of the internet of medical things (IoMT) and AI in health applications has its potential benefits. It is used to detect chronic diseases in their early stages. AI enhances the ability of Health Care professionals to better understand the needs of the patients and guide them.
  • Cognition: Cognitive helps in monitoring, training, and financial security of older people. It is an effective method to delay or improve age-related cognitive impairment. The cognitive theory rehabilitation paradigm involves mobile devices and human-computer interfaces to provide better health care facilities.

Singapore aging policy approaches

There is around 520000 elderly in Singapore aged above 65 years. Let’s find out how effective the government’s efforts have been in meeting the needs of the aging population.

  • Financial security Singapore: The Nation’s Central provident fund (CPF) systems support lifelong financial planning. It helps individuals in planning and securing financial security in older ages. It caters to basic living expenses such as housing and medical needs.
  • Elder friendly transport and Housing facilities: Land-use policies provide support care services, public transport system, and Housing options. The Housing Development board introduced customized housing options for older people.
  •  Inter-ministerial committee (IMC) on the aging population: This committee released a coordinated National response to meet the challenges of aging. Their recommendations focus on six key areas in this field. It includes employment, Health Care, housing policies, social integration, and financial security of elder people.

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  •  Medicare master plan: It includes the Health Care Insurance Scheme and public Healthcare facilities. The aging planning office of Singapore helps in executing these schemes. The Ministry of Health coordinates a Holistic approach to provide successful Healthcare Solutions to older people.
  • The action plan for successful aging: It includes community-based care and Singapore tenants of older care. They comprise the social philosophy of the family and community support.

Challenges in gerontology

Elder people face various problems. Sleep problems, dementia, and chronic health conditions are the main contributors. It includes vision problems, loss of balance, weakness, and loss of bone density. The current gerontology issues are

  • The need to separate disease
  • More geriatric centers and Geriatricians are required to serve the age people
  • Introduction of medical care facilities and strategies
  • Health Care rationing, mobility
  • Financial Wellness
    Other challenges include depression, functional decline, neglect, and financial exploitation.


From the above article, we can conclude that the management of Public Health Care facilities for older people is important. We have gone through various Technologies and challenges faced by older people. The Government of Singapore has adopted various public health policies for older people’s health approaches.

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