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Updated on: 9th Jan 2021

Older adults continuity and quality of life Essay Sample

This essay sample concerns the well-being and health of older people. By the end of 2030, the world’s population above 60 years will double up to 22%. While the shift in the nation’s population towards older age – termed as population aging. As people age, continuity of care has become a significant issue. Quality of life depends upon health Care facilities, practitioners, and caretakers. As we all know it is not enough just to feel alive. Good quality of life is important for wellbeing and health.

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Common health problems associated with aging

Common health conditions in older people include diabetes, hearing loss, depression, osteoarthritis, cataract, and chronic pulmonary disease. Furthermore, as the population ages, they experience several health conditions occurring at the same time.

Factors contributing to healthy aging

Although, some health variations in older peoples are due to genetics. The social and physical environment – including communities, society, families, and neighborhoods also result in affecting health. Some personal characteristics – such as socioeconomic status, finances, or ethnicity.

The environment also influences the maintenance and development of health. Maintaining healthy behavior, particularly doing exercises, eating a balanced diet, and refraining from alcohol and tobacco.

Behavior also becomes significant in older people. Good nutrition can help to develop cognitive skills and strength training can maintain their health. These factors can contribute to improving the mental and physical capacity of older people while also reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

Health-related quality of life in adult people

Yes, health affects the quality of life. It has multiple dimensions. Some of them are being mentioned below.

  • Emotional well being (absence of worry and happiness)
  • Satisfaction with medical treatments
  • Interpersonal relationships quality with friends and society
  • Satisfaction with financial aspects
  • Participation in social activities
  •  Cognitive functional activities
  • The capability of doing higher-order activities and daily routine work
  • Absence of distressing physical problems (pain, constipation)

Challenges in population aging

Diversity in older age, health inequities, and ageist stereotypes are major challenges in population aging. Many people can experience a decline in mental and physical capability at young ages. A comprehensive public health policy must address older people’s needs and requirements. Public health policy must be introduced to reduce such health inequalities.

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Ways to improve the quality of life for older people

Better quality of life is essential for older adults dealing with major life changes and chronic health factors. Here we are sharing 5 ways to assist older adults to enhance their life quality.

Treat depression

Depression causes are events like spouse death or retirement. Recognize depression in the early stage and get help from a counselor, psychologist, or therapist.

Help them feel needed.

Assign tasks to older people such as going shopping, preparing dinner, and helping in other household activities.

Encourage regular therapeutic activities.

Help older adults in regular exercise as it helps in keeping mind or body positive and balanced. Further, it will improve stamina, immune system, and body strength.

Keep them mentally and socially active.

Social gatherings, writing, brain games, and reading are all great activities. This will help them in becoming socially and mentally active.

Assist them to stay connected with the community, society, family, and friends

Arrange for family visits, take them out, involvements in hobby activities, and volunteer with charity organizations. Seniors who are lonely and isolated have a greater risk of shorter lives and dementia.


From the above article, we conclude that quality of life is directly interlinked to health facilities. Maintaining a good quality of life is important for every age group and particularly for older adults. We had seen various ways to improve the quality of life of older people.

After studying factors responsible for deteriorating the health condition of older people we must try to mitigate them. Hence, feeling fulfilled and satisfied is essential for overall human well being. In fact, having a positive outlook on life can assist adults to prevent cognitive decline, less stress, a good appetite, and more energy.

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