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Rehabilitation for Older Adults Essay

This essay sample will help in understanding elderly rehabilitation and its principles of it. Elderly rehabilitation is defined as to maintain and improve the health and capability of older people. Here you might think who requires elderly rehabilitation?

Well elderly rehabilitation is required to support the elders who have

  •  Met with an accident
  •  Had an operation
  •  Having the risk of falling
  •  Deterioration in the mobility
  •  Recently discharged from the hospital

A program is designed in Singapore to take into account the patient’s requirements and goals. Singapore has set up community rehabilitation centres, stroke rehabilitation, and geriatric centres.

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The Most Common Rehabilitation Needs for Older Adults

There is a need for elderly rehabilitation because of the following outcomes.

  •  Improving the quality of life
  •  Maintaining muscle strength
  •  Helping in carrying out the living activities
  •  Maximizing elderly people safety
  •  Improving mobility outdoor and indoor

Rehabilitation helps patients to excel economically and socially.

Principles of Rehabilitation for older adults

There are seven rehabilitation principles.

  • Avoid aggravation– aggravations are to be avoided such as an injury during the process of rehabilitation.
  • Timing– the therapeutic exercise should begin as soon as the patient registers for the rehabilitation program.
  • Compliance– it is necessary to ensure compliance of the patient. They must be aware of the program and the course of rehabilitation.
  • Individualization– every person responses differently towards exercise. Expecting the same progress in every patient is not possible.
  • Specific Sequencing– the exercise program must follow a specific sequence of therapy. It is to be determined through the psychological healing response of the body.
  • Intensity– the intensity level of the exercise must increase according to the patient’s response.
  • Total patient– it is significant to make sure the other body parts are also fine. The muscle and strength exercise must not impact the cardiovascular system of the patient’s body.

Guidelines of elderly rehabilitation 

Some of the major guidelines for elderly rehabilitation are given below.

According to World Health organizations, rehabilitation centres must aim at

  • Compensating
  • Restoring or improving
  • Preventing the loss
  • Maintaining the current function

Other guidelines are

  •  Monitoring of financial resources
  •  Examining patient’s work-related benefits such as pension and social security.
  • To be physically and mentally active to maintain cognitive skills and health.
  • Promoting occupational therapy and physical therapy in community programs.
  • To understand patients’ social or physical environment and support factors.
  • To examine the past medical history of the patient.

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Geriatric rehabilitation

A geriatric patient is an elder with overall impaired body functions. It is the branch of medicine to study physical therapy and rehabilitation problems in older people. With increased age, older people face emotional and physical changes that affect their level of social, mental, and physical well-being. The rehabilitation goal is to maintain functional dependency in older people.

Geriatric rehabilitation focuses on these areas

  • Normal ageing like de-conditioning and disuse
  • Skeletal problems
  • Cardiovascular problems, stroke, and vascular diseases
  • Osteoarthritis, knee replacement, and osteoporosis
  • Loss of vision and hearing

Outlook at rehabilitation services 

The rehabilitation services can help elderly patients to regain their ability and have a full recovery. They offer therapy that is significant if a patient is suffering from a fracture, heart disease, stroke, or any other illness. Such disabilities affect their ability to do everyday life functions like going to the bathroom or walking around. Many services are offered by rehabilitation centres for patients well being. They offer services such as

  • Preventive therapy
  • Day rehabilitation services
  • Home therapy services

Different types of therapy are provided. It includes

  •  Occupational therapy
  •  Physiotherapy
  •  Speech therapy


From the above article, we can conclude that these rehabilitation centres are important for older people. Elder people suffering from physical impairment and disabilities due to illness can improve their mobility and overall health. These rehabilitation centres provide preventive therapy programs and physiotherapy aimed to help elderly patients. There is a need to set up more rehabilitation centres as they offer many services and benefits to patients.

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The above essay sample helps in understanding elderly rehabilitation. Sociology subjects and theories are difficult to understand and are written after proper research. It requires extensive research and expertise to understand search topics.

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