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GEH1049 Public Health in Action – NUS Assignment Sample Singapore

Students who aspire to make their career in the field of Public Health come and join the world class education offered by National University of Singapore (NUS) in GEH1049 Public Health in Action course.

This course deals in addressing emerging and existing Public Health priorities in several communities.

GEH1049 Public Health in Action course follows a practical based approach rather than theory. Besides attending regular lectures students will have to submit written NUS assignments, case studies, presentations, group work and reflective writing.

These all comes under Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA), Group Based Assessment (GBA) and Final Year Project (FYP) which carries reasonable weightage in The Final marks.

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What is public health?

Public health is defined in GEH1049 Public Health in Action course as the science and Art of improving and preventing diseases spreading among the population through manmade or natural disaster, environmental hazards and communicable diseases.

Why study public health?

In recent times private and public sectors are offering many jobs in the field of Public Health.

GEH1049 Public Health in Action course provides a degree in public health can help student to position themselves on higher level jobs that can pay better.

Syllabus of GEH1049 Public Health in Action course

  • Health systems
  • Social determinants factors of health
  • Health policy making
  • Statistics and epidemiology
  • Details about factors influencing health:

A.) Lifestyle

B.) Natural environment

C.) Political

D.) Culture

E.) Social

F.) Economic and

  • delivery system in Healthcare
  • Various Public Health crisis in Singapore like drug-resistant infection, HIV prevention
  • Healthcare system of Singapore and ageing
  • Global Health architecture
  • Preventive measures to be adopted
  • Health economics and ethics

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Current example of Public Health in action is CORONAVIRUS CRISIS

Due to the covid-19 pandemic affecting globally importance of Public Health has raised like never before.

Many Frontline Public Health workers like laboratorians, biostatisticians, behavioral health professionals and environmental health experts are helping people to fight against covid-19.

Functions and Actions of Public Health GEH1049

GEH1049 Public Health in Action course includes the following actions:

  • Health education and promotion
  • Controlling of risk factors for diseases which are non communicable
  • Environmental health
  • Infectious disease elimination, investigation, outbreak, response and control
  • Being responsive and prepared for any emergency outbreak
  • Strengthening of Public Health Institutions like laboratory, clinical services, research and workforce
  • Capacity development of health workforce

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What to learn from GEH1049 Public Health in Action course

Educational learning of GEH1049 Public Health in Action course are listed below

  1. How to translate Public Health concerns and issues into interventions and policies that can be aimed to individuals, communities and smaller groups
  2. It provides communication and leadership skills to translate content related to public health to various audiences
  3. Application of practical knowledge of skills and concepts acquired during this course
  4. Solving of complex problems related to public health systematically
  5. Using public health approach appropriately to address problems related to health system, health social determinants, epidemiology prevailing in your country
  6. Management of health system policy in Singapore
  7. Analyzing the effect on health care systems due to globalization
  8. Emerging Trends and key challenges faced by Healthcare system worldwide

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Highest paid jobs in public health careers 

GEH1049 Public Health in Action course offers career options like:

  • Biostatistician
  • Epidemiologist
  • Health and medical service managers
  • Environmental scientist
  • Safety and health engineer
  • Public Health officials
  • Emergency management officials
  • Information system and computer managers in Healthcare

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