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PR and Social Media Strategy Analysis Essay Sample

The concept of social media is relatively new whereas, PRs have been around for some time now. Nevertheless, combining these two different things together brings out the best of both worlds. In fact, it already is, PR departments around the world use social media as a tool to amplify their functions.

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Therefore, in this sample essay, we will be going through the topic of PR and social media. In order to understand this concept, we will be looking at the role of social media in PR and the importance and benefits Of social media in PR.

Then, we will be looking at the advantages of different social platforms for PR looking at the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Role of social media in PR

As we know PR stands for Public Relations,  regardless the  PR’s works is to handle public relations and public campaigns, as the name implies. However, previously the PR was mainly focused on influential people like investors, stack holders of the company, and soon. The problem with this is that it leaves a large number of people, untreated. These people can be the company’s valuable assets.

Nevertheless, it is practically impossible for PRs to maintain relations with such a large number at a time. So this is where social media comes in. We all know what social media is, and how it makes communication easier. On top of that, social platforms allow interaction with a large number of people at any given time.

Therefore, social media works as a catalyst to PR operations. Plus, combining these two together can amplify the productivity and also make the work easier for the Public relations department. PR can apply to use multiple social media strategies and techniques. These strategies will be discussed further in the essay.

Importance of Social media in PR

Whereas, both social media and public relations are based on communication, there are certain ways through which social media provides an advantage to PR.

In Fact, social media has become an important part of modern PR departments. Nevertheless, we shall look at some benefits provided to PR through social media.

The Benefits of social media in PR

Here, we will be looking at the advantages of Social media in public relations.

  • Social media allows real-time messaging, making PR more impactful.
  • It allows PR-related stuff like articles, promotions to spread wider and for longer.
  • Allows PR to reach a larger audience
  • Social media is more “relationship marketing” friendly.
  • Promotion and interaction are cheaper as compared to traditional methods.

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Advantages of different social platforms for PR

Over the years social media has grown quite well, Today there are several social media platforms with a huge user base. Therefore, PRs have to use each of these social medial platforms to their advantage and capture as much audience as possible.

In order to use a platform to maximize performance through these platforms, one must understand their advantages and limitations. Therefore, we shall look at the advantages and features of famous social media platforms.

Moving on to the advantages of different social platforms, which are:


Facebook is one of the oldest social platforms in today’s time. In addition to that, it has the largest user base of any social media.

Moreover, features like groups, call of action buttons, posts, mention, and so on can be beneficial to PR functions.  On top of that, Facebook provides professional services and tool which are useful for PR activities.


Even though Facebook has the largest user base, Instagram is most popular among the population. In fact, this platform gets the most traffic in the social media industry.

Moving on, Instagram is an image-based platform. Therefore, it is good for promoting through visual media and keeping people engaged with your purpose.


Twitter is used by brands and authorities all around the world to announce things. Moreover, this platform has a limit of 140 characters, making an ideal for quick updates and announcements.

Nevertheless, Twitter makes a great PR tool to keep the audience updated and communicate with them. The periscope feature of Twitter allows PR to start live sessions too.

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