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Conflict Handling Intentions Essay Sample

This essay sample shall elaborate on conflict management and its models. It will further focus on conflict resolution techniques and their process. Conflict is inevitable. It can occur in the office, at the organization, or even at home. Make use of the conflict resolution technique to resolve issues. Managing conflict properly can enhance organizational outcomes. Let’s study them in detail.

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Conflict management

The objective of conflict management is to enhance performance effectiveness and learning outcomes in a company. The process involves managing the negative aspect of the conflict.

Conflict handling intentions model

Thomas Kilmann suggested the 5 major conflict-handling styles. There are 5 stages of the conflict process.

  • Collaborating style: Collaborating is both a Cooperative and assertive style. When collaborating, a person tries to work with others and find a solution. They try to find alternatives to meet both sides of concerns. Collaborating involves exploring a disagreement to learn each other’s insight. They try to find a creative solution to their interpersonal problem.
  • Avoiding style: It is uncooperative and unassertive. While avoiding, a person does not pursue his concerns or those of others. Avoiding includes withdrawing from threatening issues, postponing the situation, and sidestepping the problem.
  • Compromising style: Compromising is intermediate between cooperativeness and assertiveness. In this, both the parties satisfy and mutually acceptable solutions. It is a middle solution between accommodating and competing. Likewise, it helps in addressing an issue directly than avoiding it. The compromising style might include exchanging concessions and splitting the difference. It helps in seeking the middle ground position for the parties.
  • Accommodating style:  is cooperative and unassertive. It is the opposite of competing. In this, a person neglects his concern and considers other person concerns important. This style consists of self-sacrifice elements. It may take the form of charity and obeying other individual orders.
  • Competing style: Competing is a cooperative, assertive, and power-oriented mode. In this situation, the individual simply tries to win and stand up for his rights. They try to defend the opposition they believe is correct.

The 8 stages of conflict

These are eight stages of conflict arising in any organization or at home.

  • No conflict: The stage where conflict is likely to arise as the organization is filled with different groups of employees.
  • Emergence: At this stage, conflict arises between the parties once they recognize they have different opinions and ideas.
  • Latent conflict: Individuals can possess their own set of needs, ideas, and personalities. This can create a situation where people don’t agree with other actions or thought processes.
  • Escalation: The conflict arises if the parties are not able to agree to a resolution.
  • Stalemate: In this stage, neither of the parties is in a situation to win. Here each party believes that their opinions are ultimately right.
  • De-escalation: Interested parties involved realize that they need to conclude. After reaching this stage, parties begin to consider negotiation and come up with the solution.
  • Resolution or settlement: Top management may work to settle the conflict by shifting the focal point to what is significant.
  • Reconciliation and peacebuilding: It’s necessary to repair the relationship between the parties involved. They might have used harsh words amidst the conflict during the escalated point.

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Conflict process

The process of conflict arrival can be in five stages

  • Incompatibility or potential opposition: If a conflict arises, chances are because of personal variables, structure, and communication. This is the first stage of the process where the existence of conditions can lead to conflict.
  • Intentions: It comes between an individual’s emotion and perception. One has to understand another person’s perspective to act in a particular way.
  • Personalization and cognition: If there is incompatibility or opposition between the parties, then we can consider that conflict is developing.
  • Outcomes: Outcomes are constructive. It may be difficult to think when people argue and disagree. In functional outcomes, the result of a conflict healed a positive result. Whereas, dysfunctional outcomes are very well understood and known.
  • Behavior: It includes the reaction, action, and statement of the parties involved in the contact resolution. Behaviour is the dynamic process of conflict.

Conflict resolution techniques

Making use of conflict resolution strategies at the work area will assist in maintaining a healthy environment. Conflict resolution requires decision making, problem-solving, and leadership skills. To resolve office issues, consider following conflict resolution techniques

  • Be impartial
  • Do not postpone conflict resolution
  • Motivation and encouragement
  • Promote teamwork
  • Broadcast praise
  • Gather the group
  • Listen then speak out


From the above article, we can conclude the significance of conflict management. We have studied conflict management styles in detail. These styles can help in improving the working environment and resulting in achieving better organizational goals. An organization can use resolution techniques to resolve issues arising in their office.

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The above sample details the model, techniques, and process of conflict management. It will help management students to do your assignment urgently related to conflict topics.

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