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Category management in Purchasing Essay Sample

The category management in purchasing has become an important part of the business in a fast-growing competitive market. This strategy provides a great advantage in the field of management. However,  to fully understand this concept, we will go through different aspects of it.

We will look at category management in purchasing,  category management’s role, category management in purchasing’s process, and add it all up.

Naturally, we cannot talk about a topic without knowing what it is first. Therefore we will look at what category management in purchasing is.

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What is Category Management in Purchasing?

Due to the several different applications of this, there is no single definition agreed upon by everyone, nevertheless, we will try to explain it.

Category management in purchasing is a concept where a range of items or products are bought by an organization and then divided into different groups based on the type of items or product and their usage. These groups are called product categories.

Furthermore, this method eases the managing the product categories as strategic business units, it is a more disciplined and manageable approach. Here are examples of what types of categories are bought.

  • Office management
  • Human resources
  • Security
  • IT
  • Industrial Products/services
  • Goods

Nevertheless, product categories are not limited to these; a product category can be anything a company is willing to buy based on its goal.

Category Management in Purchasing’s Role

The category management’s main goal in purchasing is to analyze the products and the categories as a whole in order to help the management understand the categories.

Moreover, with the data collected the organization can invest in or purchase product categories that are more beneficial to them.

Category Management in Purchasing’s Process 

Undoubtedly, there is more than one way of doing a thing. Still, we will provide an out-of-key point and things to keep in my while applying the category management in purchasing.

The point that we will discuss are:

  1. Defining category
  2. Analyzing the spending or purchasing
  3. Analyzing the market
  4. Improvement and improvising
  5. Applications all the information

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1. Defining a Category

“what are the different categories?” In simple words, categories and sub-categories’ criteria are decided.

Moreover, this helps in sorting the categories and they are easier to manage and study this way.

2. Analyzing The Spending or Purchasing

As simple as it is no organization has an infinite amount of capital. Deciding how much to spend on each category, how much money you are going to invest in each category, is an important part of the process.

In addition,  controlling the spending and aids in investing help in the best outcome.

3. Analyzing The Market

We know that each company bases its actions and activities on the market conditions. Therefore, to understand what is happening in the market the company needs to analyze the market.

Also, this helps understand how the categories will react to change in the market.

4. Improvement And Improvising

An organization obtains market intelligence, by analyzing the market. Also, the market is always changing so the company needs to be flexible with its approach and improve and improvise according to the market needs.

Therefore, improvement and improvising are important if a company wants to keep up with the rest of the competition.

5. Applying All The Information

Last but not least, the brands need to apply all the information and strategies it has obtained and improvise from analyzing different things.

Moreover, all the data needs to be understood carefully and applied in such a way that the outcome is best possible and the company can invest or purchase the category which is best suited for their niche.


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