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Management Consulting Processes and Practices

This essay sample focuses on management consulting methodology. It will further provide insight into firm examples providing Consulting practices. The consulting firms must develop Creative Solutions to solve issues that clients are facing. Let us study in detail the process of business consulting.

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Management consulting process

The Consulting Process is about assisting other groups, individuals, organizations, and teams. It helps in transforming business from one form to another. A team of Management consultants helps the company to solve problems, maximize growth, create value analysis, and improve organizational performance. They use their operating skills to provide expertise and advice. Perhaps, they help the company in developing specialist skills that they were lacking. The explanation of the management consulting process divides it into 7 steps.

The 7 step framework of management consulting process

The seven phases are a fundamental process to structure a business consulting project. Let us understand them one by one.

Step 1 Define the problem

Consulting firms must be able to define business problems. They must focus on what they need to know. Analyze the problem completely and address points of contrast and consensus. Further, it focuses on the assessment of resources and financial requirements related to the business transformation.

Step 2 Problem structuring

Consulting managers must consider the key elements of the problem. They must work upon early hypothesis and disaggregation. At this stage implement staff training programs. Data collection is an important task at this stage required to judge the prospective solutions.

Step 3 Prioritize issues

Think of speed. Analyze which issues are most significant to the problem. A collection of sufficient data through meetings and interview sessions will be the best approach. There must be cooperation between consultants and clients. Also, determine the subsequent course of action. Ask questions like what, when, and how should be answered in the problem report.

Step 4 Analyze the work plan

Think of team efficiency. The management must consider how and where the team should spend its time. The work plan must include objectives, problems with statement, milestone, team players, and aim.

Step 5 Conduct analysis

Think of evidence. The team must focus on what they are trying to agree upon. Eliminate factors they want to disprove. Identify the shortcomings in the project planning and to rectify them. A range of diagnostic techniques to be applied once the client is involved in the process.

Step 6 Findings

The Consulting team should think of what? They must consider the implications their findings will have. The client must examine the proposal’s feasibility. Analyze the runtime scenario of the company to facilitate proposals and plans.

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Step 7 Recommendations

In this step, the managers think of potential solutions and the next iteration. They must focus on what to do and how to sustain and embed the solution. Further, evaluate possible resistance to the management change process.

Examples of management consulting

Customer relationship management

An organization can outsource CRM for managing companies interactions with consumers and sales prospects. Consulting firms can provide better customer service and marketing messages to target customers.

Human Resource Management

A company can outsource manpower recruitment from recruiting consultancies. They will conduct the entire hiring process and training programs.

Supply chain management

For example, how you got lays potato chips in your hands. Hire a consultant to manage raw materials like olive oil, salt, and potatoes. They further help in providing relevant distribution networks.

Management consulting practices

Consultancies practices include providing

  • Operational improvement services
  •  technology implementation
  • Process/risk analysis
  • Change management assistance
  • Strategy consulting/development.

Big 4 accounting consultant firms

These firms provide auditing and accounting consultancies. The four accounting firms are Ernst Young, Deloitte, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Deloitte Consulting provides 5 practices like enterprise performance and technology, marketing and customer, human capital strategy, core business operations, analytics, and Big three management consultancy firms These are Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, brain & Company. They provide Management Solutions to their clients.

Non-profit consultant

BCG and McKinsey provide consulting services to non-profit organizations at subsidized rates. It is in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility.


From the above article, we can conclude the significance of consulting firms. Further, we have studied the seven-step process as an effective way to solve business issues. Organizations may consider management consultant services for a variety of reasons. Consultants provide an implementation of Information technology and economics of scale to their clients.

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